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Verbs 1-100

French verbs 1-100

to lower, to reduce, to humiliate, to humble abaisser
to humble oneself, to lower oneself, to condescend, to slope s'abaisser
to daze, to deafen, to stun, to bewilder, to stupefy abasourdir
to dishearten, to strike down, to cut down, to knock down, to slaughter abattre
to abolish, to do away with abolir
to absolve absoudre
to abstain s'abstenir
to accept accepter
to acclaim, to applaud, to cheer acclamer
to accompany accompagner
to accord, to grant, to reconcile, to admit accorder
to run to, to run up to, to come (go) running to accourir
to hang (up), to hook (on a hanger, nail, e.g. a coat accrocher
to increase, to make greater, to enlarge accroître
to greet, welcome accueillir
to accuse accuser
to buy, to purchase acheter
to achieve, to finish, to complete, to end achever
to acquire, to obtain acquérir
to admit admettre
to admire admirer
to worship, to adore adorer
to address addresser
to annoy, to irritate, to pester, to vex agacer
to act, to behave, to take effect agir
to aid, to help, to assist aider
to love, to like aimer
to add ajouter
to go aller
to go away s'en aller
to bring, to lead amener
to amuse, to entertain amuser
to have a good time, to amuse oneself, to enjoy oneself s'amuser
to announce annoncer
to perceive apercevoir
to appear apparaître
to belong, pertain appartenir
to call, to name, to appeal appeler
to be named, to call oneself s'appeler
to bring, to bear apporter
to appreciate apprécier
to learn apprendre
to approach, to come near, to bring near approcher
to approve (of) approuver
to pull up, to pull out, to uproot arracher
to arrange arranger
to arrest, to stop (someone/thing), to halt arrêter
to stop (oneself, itself), to pause s'arrêter
to arrive, to happen arriver
to assail, to beset, to attack assaillir
to sit down s'asseoir
to besiege, to lay siege to assiéger
to assist (at), to be present (at), to attend assister
to assure, to ensure, to insure, to guarantee assurer
to make sure, to assure oneself, to insure oneself s'assurer
to attain atteindre
to wait, to wait for, to expect attendre
to attract, to allure attirer
to catch attraper
to augment, to increase augmenter
to advance, to go forward avancer
to have avoir
to lower, to sink baisser
to balance, to sway, to swing, to weigh, to throw away balancer
to sweep balayer
to build, to construct bâtir
to beat, to hit, to strike battre
to fight se battre
to chat, to chatter, to babble, to gossip bavarder
to bless, to consecrate bénir
to blame blâmer
to whiten, to launder, to exonerate blanchir
to harm, to hurt, to injure, to wound, to offend blesser
to hurt oneself, to injure oneself, to wound oneself se blesser
to drink boire
to budge, to move bouger
to boil bouillir
to plug in, to connect brancher
to brush brosser
to brush oneself se brosser
to burn brûler
to hide cacher
to hide onself se cacher
to break casser
to break (a part of ones body) se casser
to cause, to chat causer
to yield, to cede céder
to cease cesser
to change changer
to sing chanter
to burden, to charge, to load charger
to hunt, to pursue, to chase, to drive out chasser
to look for chercher
to cherish chérir
to choose choisir
to whisper chuchoter
to combat, to fight combattre
to command, to order commander
to begin, to start, to commence commencer
to commit commettre
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