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WJEC French Vocab 5

Personal and Social Life: Healthy Living, Illness and Accident

admis admitted
aveugle blind
avoir mal à to hurt
la blessure wound
la bouche mouth
le cachet/le comprimé tablet
conseiller to advise
la crise attack
la cuillerée spoonful
le dos back
en forme on form/well
enrhumé to have a cold
faible weak
le formulaire form
la gorge throat
l'insolation sunstroke
malade ill
le médecin doctor
l'ordonnance prescription
l'oreille ear
le pansement dressing
la pilule pill
la piqûre injection/sting
le rhume (des foins) cold (hay fever)
saigner to bleed
la santé health
se blesser to injure oneself
se brûler to burn oneself
se fouler to twist/sprain
s'inquiéter to be anxious
se noyer to drown
se reposer to rest
se sentir to feel
sourd deaf
le sparadrap plaster
la suture stitch
tomber to fall
le ventre stomach
vivant alive
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