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Drama vocal 9

Stakes the consequence that result from an outcome
Step on to cut off or interrupt another character by speaking over his or her lines
stiles the vertical boards that make up the sides of a flat
stock character character with a set of recognizable
storyboard a series of ruff drawings depicting the chronological sequence of a film
straight makeup makeup that enhance
strike to remove something from the set
subtext info that is implied in the dialogue but not stated
supporting roles roles the supports a leading role
swatch a small sample of fabric
symbol an object is used to represent an abstract concept or principle
syndication when a television program that has already aired on a network is solid to other station
tableau a visual affect in which actors create a picture by standing in a frozen position
tag line the final line of a play or scene
target audience the group of people to whim advertisers a television or film is most relevant
teaser the overhead curtain that make the first batten of lights
technical acting an acting approach that calls on the actor to use learned techniques
theme the overhead curtain that masks the first batten of lights
thrust stage a stage that juts into the audience area
timing to move and say ones lines at the most effective moment
Created by: maddie.miller61