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FLIN 104

CH1 1.2 Kosa Karta

sepupu cousin
telepon telephone
khawatir worry
dijemput to meet
tentu saja certainly
tempat duduk sitting place
gerbong train carriage
berlibur to have a holiday
sampaikan give to
sampai arrive
termasuk including
asli original
orang asli native
lahir born
mudah-mudahan hopefully
gerbong restorasi train restaurant
menunggu to wait
andong horse cart
kopor suitcase
berat heavy
Kapan kita sampai di? when will we arrive in?
ini pertama kali this is the first time
apakah anda orang asli? are you a native of?
saya lahir di i was born in
kita sudah sampai we have arrived
sebentar saja hang on
selamat berlibur di enjoy your holiday in..
sampaikan salam saya kepada give my regards to..
belum pernah not yet
tidak ada lagi no longer exist
Created by: brandonwoodhouse