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ch1-3 review

What are the three managment roles? 1. Interpersonal roles 2. Informational roles 3. decisional roles
Def of interpersonal roles? A managerial role that has possession of formal authority that requires the manager to interact and form relationships with others in the organization.
Def. of Informational Roles? Functions that require the manager to collect use and disseminate information.
Def. of decisional roles? The portion of a managers work that requires her to use authority to make decisions.
What are the two effective methods of effective communication? 1. Oral comm. 2. Non Verbal Comm.
What are the six non verbal communication cues? 1. clothing 2. grooming 3. territoriality 4. posture 5. facial expression 6. gestures
What are the nine steps to improving managerial effectiveness? 1. Be courteous and Respectful 2. Radiate confidence 3. Use simple language 4. make reasonable requests 5. provide rationale 6. use the chain of command 7. use authority regularly 8. exercise authority to confirm task accomplishments 9. be open minded
What are the seven principles to planning an effective meeting? 1. organize for the meeting. 2. divide the meeting into three parts. 3. control your meeting behaviour. 4. avoid new buisness. 5. avoid reports. 6. look to the future. 7. make high quality decisions.
What are the four elements of the vision statement? 1. name of the service provider. 2. description of the services to be provided. 3. identification of the target clients. 4. quality declaration.
Job related activities ?? Rehabilitation, conditioning, equipment fitting, padding, taping, reporting, coordinating, counseling, education, purchasing, inventory, budgeting, injury assessment, emergency planning, transporting, first aid
What is accreditation? It is formal recognition provided to an organization or one of its programs indicating that it meets certain prescribed quality standards.
What is JCAHO? Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
What does JCAHO do? It accredits ambulatory health care facilities and holds them to a level field of standards.
Processes of the sports medicine Program? Injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, injury recognition, organization and administration, injury management, education and counseling.
four components of staff selection? 1. job specification 2. person specification 3. job description 4. position description Def of job description?
def. of job specification? a written description of the job requirements or qualifications that a person should have to fill a particular role in an organization
Def. of person specification? a specific delineation based on the job specifications of the qualities skills characteristics a person must have to fill a particular role.
def. of job description? a written description of the specific responsibilities a position holder will be accountable for in an organization.
def. of position description? a formal document that describes the qualifications work content accountability and scope of job.
What are the three types of major supervisory roles? 1. Inspection-Production 2. Clinical Supervision 3. Developmental supervision
Def Inspection-production? Supervisory model that emphasizes the use of formal authority and managerial prerogatives to improve employee efficiency and efficacy
Def. Clinical supervision? Process of direct observation of an employee's work, with emphasis on measurement of specific behaviors, and the subsequent development of plans to fix deficiencies in performance
Def. Developmental supervision? Supervisory model that emphasizes collaboration between supervisors and supervisees to help them solve problems and develop professionally
What are the seven steps for recruiting? 1. request for position 2. position request approval 3. position vacancy notice 4. application collection 5. telephone interviews 6. reference checks 7. ON- site interview
What are the three steps for hiring sports medicine personnel? 1. recommendation and approval for hiring 2. offer of contract 3. hiring
What is FLSA? Fair labor standards act
What does FLSA do? It is a law intended to ensure that employees are justly compensated for the work they do that exceeds the boundaries of the normal work week.
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