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Audio Recording & Microphones

Condenser microphone A wide frequency micrphone using charged plates to capture sound but requires a battery or phantom power source
Dynamic microphone A general microphone using an electromagnetic coil to capture sound, and is very durable.
Ribbon Microphone An older style studio microphone that uses an aluminum ribbon and picks up sounds from both sides
Lavaliere microphone A very small condenser microphone that can be worn as a clip-on by a subject who is speaking on camera.
Boom microphone A long pole which has a microphone attached to one end and is positioned above the action to record dialog
Wireless microphone A small microphone that connects using radio signals rather than wire, used to give performers freedom of movement
Phantom power 48 volts required by condenser mic preamplifiers located in the mic.
Wind screen A covering over a microphone to reduce wind noise, and pops from plosive ("P") sounds when held close to the mouth.
Feedback A high pitched squeel produced when a sound loop occurs between an open microphone and a speaker
Phone connector A cylindrical audio connector with a tip, ring, and shield for stereo, or just a tip and shield for mono often used for headphones
RCA connector Audio and video connector with a central pin and a slotted outer shell typically used for connecting un-balanced A/V components
XLR connector A balanced audio connector with three pins inside a cylindrical metal shell, typically used to connect microphones
Balanced Line an audio cable with three lines which prevents hum and interference, and can be run for long distances.
Unbalanced Line an audio cable with two lines used on consumer grade equipment, can be subject to hum and interference over longer distances
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