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Screen Casting

What is a screen cast? screen capture of the actions on a user’s computer screen
Screen casts can be easily distributed through blogs and other Web pages webpages
Who would use screen casting as a benefit to learning? Teacher, students, faculty.
This form of technology allows students in a classroom (or at home) to move and learn at their own ________. speed/pace
What is a downside to screen casting? It is not interactive.
What software do you have to have in order to create a screen cast? Jing
You can share your screen cast video through webpages or _______. email
You have to pay ____ for each screen cast created. $0
There is a ____ minute time limit for every screen cast video. 5
True or false: A screen cast is different from a tutorial Tutorial
Screencasts can be streamed over a ______ or ______ and watched later network, downloaded
students can _______ class sessions or demonstrations, to see how an application is manipulated while hearing the instructor talk. replay
Screen casts are also showing up on the Web in the form of __________. software tutorials.
What is captioning functionality? it adds text captions to accompany a presentation
Screen cast is saved in the desired ________, based on file size, resolution, or compatibility with hardware and software used by the audience. format
The ability to _____ screencasts gives instructors the opportunity to create a useful, targeted educational resource edit
You can use screen casting as an _______ of a résumé or a CV. electronic component
Screen casting is almost the same as ________ instructional lessons. one-to-one
Screen casts is very helpful for ________________,_____________ and anyone else who might benefit from the material but cannot attend a presentation. distance students, students with disabilities
What do you need to create a screen cast? ___________, __________. Jing, laptop/desktop with a built in microphone.
Created by: Aiyisha