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Chapter 6

Intro to Business

Which of the following is the primary management function on which all the others depend? Planning
Which of the following is not one of the three main roles that managers serve? Philosophical
Which of the following best describes the environmental that positive organizational cultures create? Encourages employees to make ethical decisions for the good of the company and its customers.
Which of the following typically comes first in the planning process? Vision
Which of the following does not appear in a mission statement? An employment contract for key employees
Studies indicate that leaders who possess a high emotional quotient (EQ) are more effective. According to the definition, which of the following is not a quality exhibited by managers with a high emotional quotient? Autocratic Skills
What is the main advantage of the autocratic style of management? The autocratic manager can “get the job done” especially in a crisis.
Which of the following is the managerial function that involves arranging resources to carry out a firm’s plans? Leading
Which of the following is not an advantage of mentoring? The less-experienced worker can gain automatic raises and quicker promotions.
Which of the following is a successful strategy for business leaders to manage change? Building trust with employees before the change is necessary.
True or False? A controller, a marketing manager, and a sales manager are all considered first-line managers. False
True or False? Companies can be successful only by developing and selling unique, popular items. False
True or False? The best leaders adapt their leadership styles to match the requirements of the situation. True
True or False? Managers who use “coaching” behaviour encourages their workers to find their own solutions. True
True or False? A company using a differentiation strategy distinguishes its products from the competitors based on the level of service, product image, unique product features, or new technologies provided by its company. True
_______________ plans outline a firm’s long-range (2 to 5 years) goals and set a course of action for the firm to pursue. Strategic.
Managers perform ceremonial obligations;provide leadership;build a networks w/ bosses, peers, and employees;& act as a liaison to groups and individuals both inside and outside the company.In performing these functions managers execute their _____ roles. Interpersonal.
_______________ forecasts are typically based on historical data or tests and involve complex statistical calculations. Quantitative
Managers who can reshape the destines of their organization by inspiring employees to rise above self-interest and create new levels of success for the company as a whole are referred to as _______________ leaders. Transformational
_______________ refers to the set of shared values and norms that support the management system and that guide management and employee behaviour Corporate Culture
_______________ is a comprehensive strategic management approach that builds quality into every organizational process as a way of improving customer satisfaction. Total quality management (TQM)
_______________ leadership involves adaptation; it is based on the readiness of employees and the situation. Contingency.
_______________ involves comparing key functions against the same functions in business recognized to be world class. Benchmarking
The _______________ includes setting standards, measuring performance, comparing results and adjusting if necessary. Control cycle
A manager that has the ability to understand the relationship of the parts to the whole possesses good _______________ skills. Conceptual.
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