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Clause Types

Identify the words in brackets as an IC, AdvC, AdjC or NC

What happens to professional athletes [when their careers have ended]? adverb clause
[Once they leave the spotlight], some find other rewarding careers. adverb clause
Others spend their lives playing imaginary games before adoring fans [who exist only in memory]. adjective clause
From the start, Alan Page is one athlete who knew [that he did not want to sit on the sidelines of life]. noun clause
An All-American defensive end for the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame in 1966, Page earned a degree in political science [before he became a first-round draft for the Minnesota Vikings in 1967]. adverb clause
Page was the first defensive player to be named the NFL's Most Valuable Player, and [he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on July 20, 1988]. independent clause
These achievements, [even though they are impressive], are the least important in Alan Page's remarkable life. adverb clause
Page began planning for his life after football long [before the Vikings released him in 1978]. adverb clause
That same year, [he graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School]. independent clause
After he served for six years as an assistant district attorney general for the state of Minnesota, [Page was elected associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1993]. independent clause
[Although he was rarely "benched" as a football player], Justice Page is happy to be on a different kind of bench today. adverb clause
Justice Page, [who is an African American], speaks regularly to groups of minority students about the importance of education adjective clause
He often addresses athletes who do not take advantage of the educational opportunities [that are available to them because of their athletic abilities]. adjective clause
He has said of such students: "We are doing no favors to the young athletes if we let them believe [that the game alone shall set them free]." noun clause
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