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Computer Definition

sequence an ordered list
byte consists of 8 bits and is a unit of computer information or storage capacity
network protocols a set of rules when sending information
bit smallest unit of information
telnet a network protocol which allows you to log onto another computer within the same network
server a computer program that can access the service in a network
cloud a network of servers used to store, manage, and process data
URL A formatted text string, email clients, and other software to find the source of a network on the Internet
File extension a group of letters after a period in a file name, it indicated the format of the file.
Network a group/system that connects people over the Internet
router it forwards data to the right parts of the computer network
Access point A stand-alone device which connects to the Ethernet
bandwidth the transmission capacity of a network
browser it is used to search the web
search engine a program which you use to receive data from the Internet
Mother Board a printed circuit board, contains the main components on the computer.
hard-drive self-contained storage.
RAM software gives part of the storage to the ram, it doesn't save if the computer shuts down.
ROM read-only storage in a computer and other devices.
CD-drive a compact disk that is connected to an audio system.
floppy drive a thin and flexible disk used for some storage.
memory it requires power to maintain the storage.
CPU the brain of the computer, everything gets processed through the CPU.
chip a piece of silicon, on which a circuit is embedded. (contains semiconducting material)
silicon used in making circuits, chemical element of the atomic number 14.
primary storage main storage, main area where computer information is stored.
secondary storage all the extra information not in the primary storage, this is also a storage unit.
mega byte a unit of information, one million bytes.
gigabyte unit of information, one billion bytes.
sector stores any fixed amount of accessible data.
backup a copied file in case any information is lost.
expansion a circuit board that is inserted into a computer for extra storage capacity.
copyright the legal right to print, publish, perform, film, etc. or to authorize others to be the same.
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