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Salt American Lit3

Study help for American Lit Unit pages 458-476

Who wrote "When Serpents Bargain for the Right to Squirm"? E.E. Cummings
Who wrote "Yet Do I Marvel"? Countee Cullen
Who wrote "The Purist"? Edna St. Vincent Millay
Who wrote "Velvet Shoes"? Elinor Wylie
Who wrote a poem about fog? Carl Sandburg
Who wrote "The Long Hill," "The Coin," and "The Look"? Sara Teasdale
Who wrote "I Have a Rendezvous with Death"? Alan Seeger
Whose book of Collected Poems won every major poetry prize: The National Book Award, the Bollinger Prize, and the Pulitzer Prize? Marianne Moore
Who is the author of "Trees"? Joyce Kilmer
Who wrote "Poetry" and "Silence"? Marianne Moore
Who painted The White Parasol? Robert Reid
Who painted Improvisation and Allies Day, Fifth Avenue, May 1917? Childe Hassam
Which painting is by Willard Leroy Metcalf? A Family of Birches
Which painting demonstrates a good balance between French impressionism and American realism? Stepping Stones
Who painted Stepping Stones? Theodore Robinson
Who wrote "Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight"? Vachel Lindsay
What Carl Sandburg poem is about a big Midwestern city? Chicago
QUOTATION - who wrote it? "Life must go on;/I forget just why." Edna St. Vincent Millay
QUOTATION - who wrote it? "anyone lived in a pretty how town/(with up so floating many bells down)" E. E. Cummings
QUOTATION - who wrote it? "I have a rendezvous with Death/At some disputed barricade" Alan Seeger
QUOTATION - who wrote it? "My father used to say,/'Superior people never make long visits," Marianne Moore
QUOTATION - who wrote it? "Hog Butcher for the World,/. . . City of the Big Shoulders" Carl Sandburg
Who is America's most popular writer of light verse? Ogden Nash
Which poem is a metaphor about the weather? "Fog"
Which city is proud to be a brawling, busy city? Chicago
Who is consumed with thoughts of the fighting, sickness and slavery in the world? Abraham Lincoln
What poem's theme is the idea that the memory of a lovely thing is more important than money? "The Coin"
Which poem characterizes superior people? "Silence"
What poem is about a young girl who can't decide whether to come in or stay out? "From a Very Little Sphinx"
Which poem communicates the idea that everyday life must continue, even after someone dies? "Lament"
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