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FTA Level 1

Quiz 2

Corona treating using electrical charges to oxidize the surface of the printing side of the stock and raise the _____ level. dyne
When paper is shipped from the mill it always contains a heavy duty wrapping. This wrapping is to protect the rolls from... Moisture
What are the two most important atmospheric conditions of roll paper Humidity and Temperature
What can result as a result of improper roll handling Cores become crushed or the rolls nicked.
Grain direction is essentially how the fibers lay of align when they are deposited on the wire in the paper making process. What does "grain long" refer to? Machine direction
What type of flexographic ink requires the operator to measure and control both pH and viscosity. Water based
In flexographic printing ink the resin which is also known as the vehicle, does what? Carries the pigment and binds it to the substrate.
What conditions result when water and amine evaporate from water based ink? Dried ink accumulates on printing plates, pigment load is increased.
Plate cylinder diameter determines the ______ length of a flexographic printing impression. Repeat
Flexographic ink _____________ consists of resin, solvent and additives. Vehicle.
In a UV ink....help determine the characteristicks of ink, such as gloss, hardness, flexibility. It is similar to solvent in its ability to thin down ink. Monomers
Solvent based ink is dried by Exposure to a mixture of heat and forced air.
The capstan roll is part of what section on the press Waste removal section
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