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FTA Level 1

Review Quiz 1

Flexographic Web-fed presses generally consist of four parts. Which of the following is not found on a flexographic web-fed press. a. Side Guides/Feeding table. b. print section c. drying section or d. out-feed and/or rewind a. side guides and feeding table
A single print station consists of a fountain roll, anilox roll, plate roll and impression cylinder. Which of these four rollers delivers the ink to the plate. a. fountain b. anilox c. plate or d. impression b. anilox
Which of the following is not a common drying method method on a flexographic press? a. infrared, b. heated rollers, c. high velocity air, d. none of the above c. heated rollers
How is the rewind different from the unwind: The rewind has... a. a driven to control wind-up tension b. many different options to perform inline converting c. tension controls that will wind up rolls with a minimum amount of tension. or all above d. all of the above
In year 2000, flexography made up _____% of the packaging industry 73%
In 2001 certain segments, most notably folding carton, flexible packaging, tags and labels outperformed others by virtually all sectors and are expected to keep pace with an anticipated growth rate of ___ percent in GDP. 3%
In late _____ major technical advancements were made regarding the construction of the wide-web central impression press. These advancements included single piece cast deck designs and the elimination of the use of hydraulics. 1989
A benefit of a stack press is that... The operator can usually reverse the web to allow both sides to be printed during one pass through the press. (Inline presses have turn bars now)
What are the most common products printed on inline flexographic presses? Folding cartons, tags and labels
On the most modern CI flexo presses the manufacturers have the capabilities fo holding drum temperature tolerances within range of... +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit
A number of registration devices are available for circumferential or side to...the most common is... Hand wheel
Weather integral or demountable plate cylinders must be very accurate. Its total TIR should not exceed... .001 for line work and .0005 for process or halftones
Platform presses are unique in their ability to ... move processing and converting functions from one location to another
This method is by far the most common method for printing on corrugated board, this is a term known as what? Postprint
In 2000, central impression presses in the flexible film packaging market showed a revenue of _____ billion dollars at a %5 growth rate for that year. 20.1
In 2000, the multiwall and paper sack industry reported a revenue of $3 billion dollars. How did the growth rate compare to past years? Flat
In 2000, which industry segment reported the highest revenue? Corrugated/Preprint
One of the first steps the prepress artist must preform in graphic files for platemaking is Inspect electronic file to ensure all elements are correct and readable
Printing plate durometer effects the amount of impression needed to achieve good ink transfer from plate to the substraate True
The primary reason printers inventory plate cylinders of different diameters is to: Print products with different repeat lenghts
Failing to monitor water-based inks press side (checking the pH) will result in what printing defect Dirty print
Flexographic ink ____ consists of resin, solvent and additives Vehicle
UV inks need both UV lamps and hot air to completely dry False
A chambered doctor blade system uses two blades to create a reservoir of ink True
Flexography is a direct rotary printing method and is similar to what other method? Letter-press
Up until the 1950's flexographic printing was called _____ printing. Named after the inks Aniline
A good flexographic packaging workflow always starts with: Design
What does FIRST stand for Flexographic Image Repoduction Specifications and Tolerances
The anilox roll is the heart of the flexo process, without proper care, maintenance and housekeeping what problems will occur? Colors will print light and Defects will appear in the printed ink film
Created by: bhsgraphics