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Screen Printing

Skills USA Prep

True or False - Where light strikes the screen printing photo stencil, the emulsion of that photo stencil will harden and block in so it won't print in that area True
True or False - Squeegee pressure has little affect on ink thickness if your image carrier is properly prepared. False
True or False - The angle of the squeegee during printing can affect the amount of ink deposited on the substrate. False
T/F A sharp, square-edged squeegee blade will print a heavier ink deposit than a rounded-edge squeegee blade. False
T/F The emulsion side of film or vellum positive, correctly made for use in exposing a direct emulsion photographic right reading. True
T/F The following steps in reclaiming the screen after printing are in proper sequence: remove ink, wash out stencil, degrease. True
T/F It is best to clean the ink from the screen immediately after printing, as well as remove the stencil, if that stencil is not going to be used again. True
T/F The operator of a high pressure wash out unit should wear eye protections. True
T/F The block out applied around the photo stencil is normally water based. True
The major consideration for coating a fabric mesh with direct liquid emulsion is Apply a uniform coating
What is the main purpose of the screen frame used in screen printing? To hold the screen mesh at proper tension
What press material/component pushes ink through the screen? Squeegee
The largest market for screen printing Textiles
Which squeegee shape will lay down the thickest ink layer Round
How is the flexibility or hardness of a squeegee measured Durometer
What is the best type of squeegee blade to use? It depends on the printing job
Which type of screen fabric is very stable, is a good general purpose fabric and is most widely used today? Polyester
Which variable is going to impact ink film thickness the most? Mesh selection
Things that impact the ink film thickness include: Stencil selection, squeegee angle, and mesh count
Which type of screen mesh, because of its elasticity, is good for printing on irregular objects like bottles and glasses Polyester
When printing fine detail, the fabric mesh should be a... High numbered mesh
What is the measure of the fineness or coarseness of the mesh? Mesh count
Which mesh count would be appropriate to use in the case of printing large, bold, numbers onto sports jerseys 85
What is the property of ink that indicates its resistance to flow Viscosity
What type of ink is generally used to screen print on t-shirts Plastisol inks
How do you select the proper ink to use when screen printing on different materials? By running tests
What is the proper temperature at which to cure plastisol ink 450
What is a small but proportionate drawing, as a result of the brainstorming of ideas of the final job Thumbnail
The piece of film/vellum, used to create the stencil on a screen that is used to screen print, needs to be emulsion: Right Reading, Positive
T/F Screen printing is the process of transferring an image from a flat surface False
What type of product is generally printed on a carousel press Tshirts
Screen tension is measure in Newtons
In screen preparation, what is the process of removing any contaminates, solvents, or dust from the screen mesh Degreasing
Emulsion is applied directly to the screen with a/an Scoop coater
What is usually used to seal the screen mesh surrounding a stencil A screen filler/Block out
What is done to a screen using direct emulsion or capillary right after it has been exposed The image is washed out
Off-Contact distance between the screen and pallet should be 1/8"
The side of the screen in which the ink goes is referred to as Squeegee side
When trying to determine the emulsion side of an exposed piece of film, what are typical indicators Right reading type, dark areas scratch, dull finish
After washing out the image on an exposed screen, you should Use pressurized air to blow off excess water
When cleaning up plastisol ink, you should... Wear gloves, use solvents, wear eye protection
When handling emulsion and unexposed coated screens you work under Safe lights
Factors that effects screen exposure include Reclaiming technique, coating technique and brand of emulsion
What is a screen exposure calculator A piece of photo positive film that has a series of objects with various densities of neutral gray filters
Stencil breakdown during printing can be caused by Stencil underexposure
When the image will not completely develop when using the direct emulsion method, one cause may be Overexposure
In order to allow the ink to be applied to the surface of the substrate, the squeegee pressure should be: Kept to a minimum
What is flash curing An intermediate point between liquid and total fusion of plastisol inks
When printing on shaped objects, the screen mesh needs to be More flexible
What is one thing that determines the thickness of ink deposit in screen printing Stencil
The process of stripping the stencil from the screen so that a new stencil can be applied is called Screen reclamation
When reclaiming screens it is particularly important to pay attention to Screen Mesh
All ink should be cleared off screen immediately after printing to Avoid the use of chemicals and effort
Dust or dirt on the exposure unit glass can cause tiny holes in the stencil called Pin holes
The type of screen fabric that is woven from threads made of single strand is called Monofilament
Curing of plastisol ink is controlled by the temperature setting on the dryer and Speed of the conveyer belt
Re-tensionable frames... Can add tension after every use, must be assembled properly to use, do not warp
T/F Ink screen printing, the dark areas of the film or vellum positive during the exposure of a screen allows UV light to expose or harden the emulsion False
T/F The hardness of a squeegee use in screen printing does not have an effect on the print quality False
It is clear that screen printing's ability to _________ is an over-riding benefit when you look at the markets it serves. Lay down a thick layer of ink
In screen printing, the ______ controls the quantity of ink deposited on the substrate and the "resolution" of the printed image Mesh
The synthetic material in the frames is known as the Screen Mesh
The shirt shaped boards on the screen press are known as: Pallettes
What ink do professional screen printers use? Plastisol
What device/tool forces ink through the stencil Squeegee
How do you keep ink from one color from transferring to the back of another screen when printing a multi-color job? Flash-cure unit
What is the recommended temperature and time for drying plastisol inks 350 for 30 seconds
What are methods of attaching mesh to a frame? Cord and groove, adhesive bonding, and stapling.
Screen printing is used to print: Circuit boards, cups, t-shirts
Which mesh fabric is not a good choice for textile printing and is not an ideal candidate for reclaiming? Silk
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