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Volunteer Management

Six key motivations -
1. To help others (make a difference)
2. To be involved within their community (sense of community)
3. To contribute to a cause (solve a problem)
4. To develop new skills (learn new things)
5. Use skills in productive ways (help others)
6. To be fit (healthier and live longer)
Give supporters what? A geniue opportunity to be apart of something larger than themselves
Volunteers want to see... Immediate results
Interests of volunteers (tasks) = Eliminates barriers
Build channels to... Build awareness
What points need to be applied to each channel for recruitment 7
1. Title
2. A picture means a 1000 words
3. Get to the point
3. Keep it simple
4. Describe your task specifically
5. Spelling/grammar check
6. Opportunity stand alone
Word of Moith Levarge
Without volunteers... An organization would cease to exist
Always increase volunteer satisfaction and commitment to serve -
Building a house to have an effective volunteer engagement involves Wide support and planning
Increase passion of volunteers by... Developing opportunities, recognize volunteers, clarify impact
Creating Volunteer Management Program approaches prespective of... the community, volunteers, and organization
Ultimate goal of Volunteer management finding staff and volunteers to run the organization in future years
Volunteers transform... An organization drastically
Give volunteers a voice
Engage volunteers to their full potential
Staff should always do these two steps with volunteers. Stay in touch and monitor/evaluate volunteers
Volunteer Leadership Ladder 6 Rungs (categories volunteers)
1. Shoppers
2. Episodic volunteers
3. Short-term contributors
4. Reliable regulars
5. Fully engaged volunteers "Me"
6. Committed volunteers
increase levels of rungs = Increase in being more philanthropic
volunteer activities conclude meet real needs and get more people involved to solve challeneges
"Planting the seed for their continued involvement"
Outreach strategies Name 6
1. Flyers
2. Word of Mouth
3. Emails
4. Website posting
5. Info presentation
6. Newspaper/newsletter
Positions needed Name 3
1. Volunteer Manager
2. Database Manager
3. Enrichment Instructor
Our House (successfully managing volunteers in your youth program) 5 steps
1. Identify/Recognize needs (Needs Assessment)
2. Recruit Volunteers
3. Train Volunteers (time and effort correspond to their commitment)
4. Manage Volunteers
5. Recognize and Appreciate Volunteers
This list can apply towards Partnerships
Ongoing volunteers Main back bone of a nonprofit
Created by: animalsavior