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Human Resources

Nonprofit Managaement

What categories should you consider when dealing with HR? 9
1. Organizational Policies
2. Safety
3. Programs and Service Delivery
4. People's Wellbeing
5. Retention
6. Recruitment
7. Legal
8. Ethical
9. Financial
All these categories focus on what organization? CAFSI
Funders Give Money
Donors Are the umbrella
Where is the nonprofit line divided by tax code? Private effect for public benefit
What classes can be protected from discrimnation? 9
1. Age
2. Color/Ethnicity
3. Disability
4. Race
5. Military service
6. Sex
7. Religious Background
8. Parental Status
9. National Orgin
This list means... You cannot be judged or fire a person for these reasons
Must be very specific and clear on what? Job Description
What is one class that is not protected? Sexual Orientation
What is Race important in a NP? Creates cultural diversity in a noprofit; produces creativity
Board Matrix
Volunteer Management Sections (3)
1. Volunteer Recruitment
2. Volunteer Management
3. Partnership Development
Volunteer Categories 4
1. Communication/Marketing
2. Manual Labor
3. Fundraising
4. Programs
Ongoing Volunteers Board Members / National Service Volunteer/ Program members implementing weekly activities
Special events Event workers / meal servers / event committees
Special Projects Special project committees
Identify what when dealing with volunteers? NEEDS
What is the lever of an organization's success? Participation of people "valuable sources"
Stronger organization w/ human capital management = Greater impact in the community
Ensure organizational success of HCM Effect recruiting and hiring
Refer to notes -
Use what to identify requirements of an individual? Competency Model
What should you look at when consider hiring? Past accomplishments leads to future success
When planning to hire what do you consider? Slow Pace, don't overload, scope every candidtate
Process to eliminate candidates 6
1. Application Review
2. Phone Screen
3. Initial in-person interview
4. Fullow-up interview
5. Background and reference check
6. Offer negotiation and hiring
Integrate tenets 4
1. Clarity (know what you want)
2. Consistency (same process)
3. Equally
4. Legality (nodiscriminate)
Why use an assessment tool? To identify components needed for the position
What should you offer to encourage candidates to recruit? Bonus
Attracting qualified candidates 3 steps
1. Need compelling job decsription
2. bring out the opportunities avaiable
3. Outline the requirements
How do you generate candidates? Networking
Points that will guarantee offer will be accepted 4
1. What the candidate desires
2. Open and honest
3. not "getting a deal" process
4. Lay out details
What will the Salary consist of? 4
1. Retirement funds
2. Medical and dental benefits
3. Insurance policy
4. Tuition Reimbursement
What should you estimate on a position? Salary
What should you always identify? What components makes your organization better than the rest
Compensation Philosophy an organization's approach
Compensation structure how the organization's set up
What tool should you use when hiring? Competency Model
What is an organization's greatest asset? Talent
What will these hiring processes guarantee? Ensure that an organization will build the best team and have maximizing impact
What is human resource issue? Hiring, firing, evaluating performance
How does the staff must work well with with? Board
Board's role Governs the organization / policy and oversight
Staff's role Operations
Before hiring a staff Board must be involved in daily operations
What improves staff morale? Written personnel manual
What is needed to get staff and volunteers on the right foot? Orientation
What can help avoid accidents such as sexual harassment issues? Clear policies and procedures
Chief operating officer Executive Director
Board's most important function Overseeing, selecting, and terminating the ED
Bottom Line of Human Resources 3
1. Have clear policies and procedures
2. Keep board and staff seperated
3. Fairly evaluate all staff
Retention Keeping People
What are areas of Retention 5
1. Relationships/People
2. Health/Well being
3. Ethic/Culture
4. Vision/Role Clarity
5. Policies/Priorities
Determining Discrimnation 6
1. Have evidence
2. Different treatment before/after
3. Different treatment towards similar individual
4. Applying rules and standards differently
5. Inference based on credibility
6. Inference based on violating policies
Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation Disabled person has physical or mental impairment that limits his/her activities
Qualified Disabled person Someone who can perform the essential functions of his/her position without reasonable accomdations
Substance Abuse Consuming illegal drugs is considered a disability
Infectious Disease TB, HIV. Considered disability. Does not have a direct to others
How does a disabled individual receive accommodations? AmeriCorps VISTA must notify the Supervisor
Some Accommodations 3
1. Job restructing
2. Modify work schedule
3. Making facilities accessible
Ideas for Addressing Supervisory 6
1. Negotiate working agreements
2. Clarify expectation
3. Seek multiple perspectives
4. Keep good documentation
5. Commit to working together
6. Feedback process
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