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Romeo and Juliet Voc


Valiant Brave
Fray Fight
Profaner Someone who treats sacred things with contempt
Pernicious Destructive or deadly
Forfeit Something someone must give up for breaking the law or rules of a game
Adversary Opponent or enemy
Portentous threatening
Transgression breaking of the law
Assail attack violently
Anguish great mental or physical suffering
Languish To become weak
Counsel Advice
Waddle Walk with short steps that cause the body to sway from side to side
Disposition Settlement
Esteem High rank
Oppression Something that weighs heavily on the mind body and senses
Boisterous Stormy violent
Alderman Member of the city government
Athwart Across
Nuptial Wedding
Rapier A long, slender, two edged sword
Endure To last
Intrusion An uninvited or illegal entry
Convert To change into another form or thing
Trespass To enter someones property or land without permission
Conjure To appeal
Invocation Serious request
Perjury Telling of a lie while swearing to tell the truth
Variable Changeable
Idolatry Extreme devotion to a person or thing
Repose To lie at rest
Procure To get
Rite Religious or other formal ceremony
Prate To chatter
Fain Gladly
Herald Person or thing that announces future things to come or news
Vile Disguisting
Dexterity Skill
Tributary Stream flowing into a river
Banishment Exile
Calamity Disaster
Prevail To succeed
Reconcile Expect or agree to something
Commend To give regards or good wishes to someone
Tidings News
Beseech To ask seriously
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