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katelyn lit 022715

subsiding wear off or die down
decency conforming to standards of good or proper behaivier
predicament a problem situation in which it is difficult or unpleasant to get out of
inconsiderate not thoughtful of other people
persistant never-ceasing
impede block passage through; to obstruct or put obstacles in the way
metamorphisis the process of change
vengeance revenge; the desire for revenge
pathetic deserving or inciting pity
realm kingdom, area or domain
sarcastic using bitter or mocking words meant to hurt or make fun of
charisma a person attractiveness that enables you to influence others
contemplate to consider or ponder thoughtfully; to look and think about carefully
deceitful to be dishonest; to lie
skeptically to think with doubt
mesmerize to capture one's complete, undivided attention; to control another's mind
defunct no longer in use; having ceased to exist or live
tentitivly in an uncertain manner, not final
arrogant showing too much pride in oneself; over confident
proposition a suggestion or plan; proposal
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