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MGMT 305 Exam 1

Management The planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently.
Organizations Collections of people who work together and coordinate their actions to achieve a wide variety of goals.
Managers 1. The people responsible for supervising the use of an organization's resources to meet its goals. 2. Resources include people, skills, know-how, machinery, raw materials, computers and IT, and financial capital.
Organizational performance A measure of how effectively and efficiently managers use organizational resources to satisfy customers and achieve goals.
Efficiency A measure of how well or productively resources are used to achieve a goal.
Effectiveness A measure of the appropriateness of the goals an organization is pursuing and the degree to which they are achieved.
Planning Process of identifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of action.
Organizing Structuring working relationships in a way that allows organizational members to interact and cooperate to achieve organizational goals.
Leading Articulating a clear vision and energizing and enabling organizational members the part they play in attaining organizational goals.
Controlling Evaluating how well an organization is achieving its goals and taking action to maintain or improve performance.
First line managers Responsible for the daily supervision of non-managerial employees.
Middle managers Supervise first line managers and is responsible for finding the best way to use resources to achieve organizational goals.
Top managers Establish organizational goals, decide how departments should interact, and monitor the performance of middle managers.
Conceptual skills The ability to analyze and diagnose a situation and distinguish between cause and effect.
Human skills The ability to understand, alter, lead, and control the behavior of other individuals and groups.
Technical skills The specific knowledge and techniques required to perform an organizational role.
Competitive advantage Ability of one organization to outperform other organizations because it produces desired goods or services more efficiently and effectively than they do.
Leadership The process by which a person exerts influence over other people and inspires, motivates and directs their activities to help achieve group or organizational goals.
Personal leadership style The specific ways in which a manager chooses to influence others shapes the way that manager approaches the other tasks of management.
Legitimate power The authority that a manager has by virtue of his or her position in an organizational hierarchy.
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