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Stack #1524862

ms word

word processing software used to create and edit text documents
edit change of rewrite your document to improve
proofread check to make sure document make sense
cut remove text
copy to duplicate text in a document so that it appears the same
paste to put copied text in a new location
synonym words that have similar meaning
format the way text looks
font letters, numbers, characters,
orientation describs the direction of the page or the paper you will print
aigentation describes whether the text is lined up om the left,fight, center
bulleted list list with dots
numbered list list with numbers
margin top and bottom of the paper
default settings of a computer
tab distance for moving the insertion point
indent blank spot at the beginning of a paragraph
quotation the exact words some one else wrote
header info at the top of page
footer info at bottom of page
catition detailed info about a source
title page separate page at the beginning of a report
desktop publishing allows you to use text,graphics,photographs
wordart feature in Microsoft
table a grid of rows or columns
column info on a table
row info arranged horizontally
cell where the column and rows cross
Created by: jackson joyner