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Sound Design

Sound Vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear.
Audio The recording of sound such as in a video for the purpose of conveying information.
Dialogue An on-screen conversation between two or more people.
Voice Over (VO) A piece of narration in a movie or broadcast, spoken by an off-screen narrator.
Sound Effects (SFX) Any sound artificially reproduced to create an effect such as the sound of a storm or a creaking door to heighten the sense of reality.
Live Sound / Production Sound Audio, including dialogue and noises recorded along with the video
Sweetened Sound Audio that has been processed in postproduction to improve quality.
Foley A sound effects track recorded in a studio while the video is being displayed to syncronize the sounds.
Library Sound Sound effects and music tracks that are from a library of sounds such as waves, wind, explosions.
Synthesized Sound Digital audio sound or music, created on a computer instead of being recorded acoustically (with a mic)
Presence Background sound or "room tone", recorded at a shooting location used to fill gaps in the production sound.
Dialoge Replacement A process by which actors re-record dialoge in a studio, eynchronizing it to the lip movements of performers on screen.
Split Edit (or L-cut) A transition from one shot to another in which video and audio do not change at the same time.
Decibel (dB) a ratio which measures the difference in loudness or intensity of sound
Waveform a graphical representation of the amplitude or loudness of a sound over a period of time
Frequency the property of sound waves, measured in hertz that determines the pitch
Monaural (mono) audio which is reproduced on only one channel
Stereophonic (stereo) audio which is reproduced on two channels, giving the illustion of direction the listener
5.1 Surround Sound A 6 channel audio system used in cinemas and home theaters that provides sound from a 360 degree radius.
Equalization An audio adjustment of the volume levels of certain frequencies to balance the overall mixture of audio.
Dynamic Range Compression An audio adjustment that squashes the loudest peaks and boosts the quieter troughs, to give a track extra loud punch, often used in radio and tv commercials.
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