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KF G7 Q3 Comp Data

Balance of Info for Q3 computer exam

An ancient calculating device invented by the Chinese using beads and wires Abacus
The first programmable machine was created in 1801.
The ENIAC was created in (_____year) and weighed _____ 1944, 5 tons
ENIAC stands for electronic numerical integrator and computer
ENlAC could perform ____ operations per second and was used to help build the ___ 5,000, hydrogen bomb
The _____ is a silicon chip that can hold thousands of transistors and other electrical parts microprocessor
The ____ allowed millions of transistors to be mass produced integrated circuit
What do computers use to relay & switch signals back and forth vacuum tubes AND transistors
How do vacuum tubes & transistors differ transistor was faster, more reliable, much smaller, and cheaper to build. Vacuum tubes took up a lot of space and gave off a lot of heat.
One transistor took the place of _____ vacuum tubes 40
What advantage is there to putting more transistors on a chip shrinks size and cost of computer, increases processing power
Moore’s Law The # of transistors on a chip doubles about every 18 to 24 months, doubling the processing speed
The first computer not tied to a specific function is the ___ that was built by ___ in _____(yr) Z3, Conrad Zuse, 1931
Handheld calculators were available starting in ____ 1970s
The first programmable machine was the ___ that was built by ___ in _______(yr) loom, Joseph Marie Jaquard, 1801
Machine using punchcards named the ___ ___ was created by ____ in (yr) analytical engine, Charles Babbage, 1837, used until 1970!
Apple created the 1st popular home computer 1977
Characteristics of early computers built by hand, huge, heavy, overheated easily and expensive.
A network of computers is The internet
Two or more computers linked up so they can communicate is a network.
A group working for the Department of Defense believed to have started the internet ARPANET
Who is thought to have first gotten internet started DARPA (later created ARPANET)
Initially allowed 4 universities to share information ARPANET
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.
Which came first, the internet or WWW Internet was invented before WWW.
WWW stands for world wide web.
Fast internet connections did/did not exist in the early days of computers did not
The S in Https:// stands for secure.
HTTP means hyper text transfer protocol
HTTPS means hyper text transfer protocol secure
Name the 3 generation of computers vacuum tube, transistor, transistors on a chip
Some of the first robots were developed and used in _______ in the _(Yr)_ manufacturing plants in the 1950s.
George Devol created what one of the first production (manufacturing) robots.
DNS stands for Domain name server
ISP internet service provider
A robot is a machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control.
Robots are controlled by ____ computers
Robots are able to/not able to sense their surroundings. able to
The Unimate robot was used to lift and stack hot pieces of metal. T/F T
The 3Ds for why people use robots are dull, dangerous, or dirty jobs.
Name the 7 types of robots MEIME MD: military, exploratory, industrial, medical, entertainment, movie, domestic
What are the 3 main components that make up a robot Sensors, Computer, Actuators
In a flowchart, Start/Stop blocks are represented by ____ shape oval
In a flowchart, Decision blocks are represented by ____ shape diamond
In a flowchart, Action blocks are represented by ____ shape rectangle
Created by: ka1usg