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DTP Terms

Commonly Used Desktop Publishing Terms

Layout software Software that combines text and graphics together on a page
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (pronounced wizzy-wig)
Typography The study of type and its characteristics
Typeface A design for a set of characters. A typeface has a name, like Helvetica, Times, or Swiss.
Font A specific typeface combined with variations such as size, style, and spacing
Serif Characters with small cross strokes at the top or bottom of most letters
Sans Serif Characters that do not have the small cross strokes
Leading The process of spacing lines of text – commonly called Line Spacing (rhymes with wedding)
Points Font size is measured in points. A point is 1/72 of an inch
Interface All of the onscreen elements (graphics, menus, tools, etc.) that let you communicate with the computer
Monotype fonts All characters take up the same amount of space – Also called Fixed pitch fonts (Ex. Courier)
Proportional fonts Characters take up space that is proportional to their sizes (Ex. Palatino)
Logo A picture or graphic that visually represents a company or business
Font attributes Change to text such as bold, italics, underline, superscript, subscript, etc.
Contrast The difference that sets off an element from the others in your document
Align Arrange items so they line up
Drop Cap A large decorative letter used as the first letter of a paragraph
Kerning Adjust the space between characters
Watermark An image that is barely visible and often cannot be seen until the paper it is on is held up to the light
Group When many objects are used to make one object so they can be resized and moved as one.
Word Art Decorative text that comes in many interesting shapes and colors
Desktop Publishing Process of using a computer to create a layout for printed materials
Clip Art Prepared graphic images that can be copied into another document.
Clip Board An area of computer memory that holds data being copied from one application to another
Crop Trim unnecessary information from a graphic image
Graphics Graphs, charts, pictures, or drawing created by a computer
Gutter Vertical stripe of space between columns in a newsletter
Import Process of bringing text or graphics into an application from another source
Landscape Organization of print (text) and graphics on the page. (margins, paper size, page orientation, columns)
Pixel A small point on a picture display: one "dot" on the screen
Portrait Page orientation where text and graphics print across the shorter dimension of the paper
Tools Various icons such as pencil, brush, paint bucket, or eraser, which are chosen to work on a drawing.
White Space Empty space around or within the page
Three goals of desktop publishing Visual appeal, readability and motivational
Two or three Number of fonts allowed to use on per DTP item
PDF portable document file - can't be edited
jpeg a format for compressing graphics to save pictures created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group
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