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KF G7 Q3 Comp People

Computer People to Know

Inventor of the world wide web Tim Bemers Lee
Binary logic George Boole
Father of the computer, created the analytical engine & conditional statement Charles Babbage
Created the Z3 computer in 1941 Konrad Zuse
Co-founder of Apple, co-founded Pixar Animation Studios Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple, known as the “Woz" Steve Wozniak
Mathematician that worked with Charles Babbage Ada Lovelace
Co-founder of Microsoft, one of the world's wealthiest people, dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft Bill Gates
Co-founder of the Intel Corporation and author of Moore's Law Gordon Moore
Creator of the programming language, Python Guido van Rossum
Creator of the JavaScript programming language; chief technology officer for Mozilla Brendan Eich
Co-founder of Google Larry Page
Co-founder of facebook, dropped out of Harvard Mark Zuckerberg
Video game designer and producer, worked for Nintendo, created Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong Shigenl Miyamoto
Co-founded Microsoft, owner the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) and the Portland Trail Blazers (NBA) ~ also part owner of the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS) Paul Allen
Co-founded PayPal and SpaceX, CEO of Tesla Motors, currently working on the Hyperloop Elon Musk
Apple was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
The loom was created by Joseph Marie Jaquard.
Who created unimate George Devol
Created by: ka1usg