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AR CBA ExcelLesson 2

Excel Lesson 2 vocab and more

###### this appears in a cell when the numbers do not fit in a cell
Column heading is the name/title of columns in Excel, they are designated by letters
Row heading same as column heading, but it is the name/title of the row, designated by numbers
Theme is the overall design of a document, fonts, colors, and other effects preset in a collection of design elements that you can use to change the appearance of a worksheet or 1 cell
Font the design or look of text
font size is how big or small the text is, determines the height of text measured in points
font style is the way the text looks, for example: bold, italics, and underline
Border is an outline designed around the cell or a whole page, can pick different styles and widths and apply to certain sides of the cell or page
styles is a combination of the color, font type, font style, font size, and paragraph spacing in a document that can be applied to a cell all at the same time
Wrap text is when the text moves to the next line in a cell without changing the column width, but will change the row height
Editing Mode double click in cell to be able to edit the cell's content or use the shortcut F2
Clear the icon for this looks like an eraser, this erases the formatting of a cell or range of cells, but not the content of the cell.
Column Width text that fits in the cell is displayed, rest is stored but hidden if the next cell contains data. Text that does not fit in the cell extends in to the next cell if the cell is empty.
points the unit font height is measured in
Autofit double click the right side of the cell between the column letters, like on the right side of A to make this column widen automatically to fit the contents of the cell in it, can be used for rows too.
Text Orientation saves space on worksheet, you can change each cell's direction the text goes in by rotating the data to any angle or vertically
Truncated this is what it's called when contents of the cell are hidden from view if the next cell already contains data
Number format changes the way data looks in a cell, such as Accounting, %, 1,000, currency, text. Changes appearance not the # in the cell.
Live Preview Also in Word and Powerpoint. as you format cells, shows the results of the different formatting options before you click it, while you scroll over it, for example: fonts, table colors, themes, styles, font size
Cell Styles a collection of formatting characteristics you can select to add to a cell. Had this in Word too., Ex: Heading 1
Fill the background color of a cell, can be changed by using the paint bucket icon on the ribbon
Merge and Center selected cells in a range are combined into one cell and the contents from the upper left cell are centered in the newly merged cell
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