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French Unit 3

annonceur advertiser
appui support
atout advantage
but goal
chef-d'oeuvre work of art
choc shock
choix choice
cliche overused expression
clip publicitaire jingle
concours contest
concurrent competitor
consommateur consumer
decoupage cut-out
dessinateur designer
echantillon sample
emballage wrapping
enonce statement
essai attempt
etalage display
exemplaire copy
fabricant manufacturer
illustrateur illustrator
jeu de mots pun
lancement launching
marche market
marche-cible target market
marketing marketing
message publicitaire advertisement
mode de vie lifestyle
oeil critique critical eye
organisme organization
panneau billboard
placement placement
pouovoir power
produit product
rabais reduction in price
remeu-meninges brainstorming
resultat result
reve dream
sens sense
stereotype stereotype
texte advertising copy
agence de publicite advertising agency
annonce advertisement
attente expectation
campagne campaign
cible target
clientele customers
concurrence competition
consommatrice consumer
dessinatrice designer
entreprise enterprise
etiquette tag
fiabilite reliability
habitude habit
idee-cle main idea
illustratrice illustrator
manchette title
maquette model
marque brand
marque deposee trade mark
oeuvre work
offre offer
persuasion persuasion
presse press
promotion promotion
redaction writing
sensibilite sensitivity
tendance trend
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