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Human A&P

Muscle System

A fibrous, flattened, sheet-like tendon is known as aponeurosis
The connective tissue that surrounds individual muscle fibers is endomysium
skeletal muscle cells contain many mitochondria and nuclei
The dark bands in skeletal muscle that contribute to its striated appearance are known as A band
The segment of a muscle fiber that contains both actin and myosin is the A band
The sarcomere, the base unit of skeletal muscle extends from Z line to Z line
When the cross-bridge of the myosin molecule forms linkages with actin filaments, the result is shortening of the muscle fiber
ATPase is stored in the globular portion of the myosin filament
when a nerve impulse reaches the end of a motor neuron acetylcholine is released
The toxin of clostridium botulinum causes death by preventing the release of acetylcholine
During high intensity exercise, muscle fibers rely upon what process for energy? anaerobic respiration
Oxygen debt secondary to strenuous exercise is due to? insufficient oxygen to promote conversion of lactic acid to glucose and lack of available oxygen to convert ADP to ATP
the strength of a muscle in response to different levels of stimulation is determined by the number of motor units receiving a threshold stimulus
the result of summation and recruitment together is sustained tetanic contraction
muscle tone refers to a state of sustained, partial contraction of muscles that is necessary to maintain posture
peristalis is due to which of the following characteristics of smooth muscle rhythmicity
muscles that assist the prime mover is producing a movement are called synergirsts
Antagonistic muscles preform functions opposite to those performed by the prime mover
Muscles that are involved in chewing are attached to the mandible
The primary extensors of the upper are are the teres major and latissimus dorsi
the muscle that abducts the upper arm and can both flex and extend the humerus is the deltoid
which of the following muscles produce plantar flexion gastrocnemius
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