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FR9 Le gros sandwich

Learn food vocabulary & "le partitif" (some)

some cheese (masc. sing.) du fromage
some ice cream (fém. sing.) de la crème glacée
some lettuce (fém. sing.) de la laitue
some onion (masc. sing.) de l'oignon
some olives (fém. plur.) des olives
some salad dressing (fém. sing.) de la vinaigrette
some butter (masc. sing.) du beurre
some rice (masc. sing.) du riz
some peas (masc.plur.) des pois
some mustard (fém. sing.) de la moutarde
some salt (masc. sing.) du sel
some pepper [salt n’ pepper] du poivre
some chicken (masc. sing.) du poulet
some ham (masc. sing.) du jambon
some baguette (fém. sing.) de la baguette
some cream (fém. sing.) de la crème
some tomato (fém. sing.) de la tomate (des tomates)
some jam (fém. sing.) de la confiture
some mayonnaise (fém. sing.) de la mayonnaise
some beef (masc. sing.) du boeuf
some milk (masc. sing.) du lait
some peanut butter (masc. sing.) du beurre d'arachides
some bananas (fém. plur.) des bananes
some grapes (masc. plur.) des raisins
some coffee (masc. sing.) du café
some tea (masc. sing.) du thé
some water (fém. sing.) de l'eau
some oil (fém. sing.) de l'huile
some pickles (masc. plur.) des cornichons
some apples (fém. plur.) des pommes
some avocado (masc. sing.) de l'avocat
some mushrooms (masc. plur) des champignons
some yogurt (masc. sing.) du yogourt
some fish (masc. sing.) du poisson
some tuna (masc. sing.) du thon
an egg (masc. sing.) un oeuf
some nuts (fem. plur.) des noix
some bread (masc. sing.) du pain
a muffin (masc.) un muffin
a croissant (masc.) un croissant
some pasta (fém. plur) des pâtes
an apple (fém) une pomme
an orange (fém) une orange
some strawberries (fém. plur) des fraises
some raspberries (fém. plur) des framboises
a pear (fém) une poire
some melon (masc.) du melon
some blueberries (masc. plur) des bleuets
a grapefruit (masc. sing.) le pamplemousse
some pineapple (masc. sing.) de l'ananas
some lemon (masc. sing.) du citron
some celery (masc. sing.) du céleri
some cucumber (masc. sing.) du concombre
some pepper (bell) (masc. sing.) du poivron [rouge, jaune, orange, vert]
some beans (green, black etc.) (masc. plur) des haricots [verts, jaunes, noirs, rouges...]
some chips (fém. plur) des croustilles
some cookies (masc. plur) des biscuits
some cake (masc. sing.) du gâteau
Created by: mudell