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Practicum I

Review of Labs 1-6

Isolation Uses four quadrants for individual colonies (Ex: throat, wound)
Quantitation Method uses calibrated .001 loop Also you has one central streak, then spread out in 2 directions
Stab and Streak used with slant media in tube
Obligate Aerobe grow on top or "slant" part of media
Obligate anaerobe will grow in bottom or "butt" part of media
Facultative anaerobe will grow on both the slant and butt
MacConkey selective for G- and differential based on fermentation of lactose
Pink color on MacConkey plate agar indicate to Lactose fermentation (E
Clear colonies on MacConkey plate agar indicates to non-lactose fermenter
BAP agar plate is made of 5% sheep blood
BAP Supportive for most organisms except fastidious
BAP is differential based on types of hemolysis
Beta hemolysis complete clear zone
Alpha hemolysis partial hemolysis, green zone around colonies
Gamma hemolysis no hemolysis or no zone around colonies
EMB is selective for what type of microorganism and differential based for Gram negative, lactose fermentation
Metallic green sheen indicates for ... on EMB lactose fermenter
Clear colonies on EMB indicate non-lactose fermenter
Mannitol Salt Agar it is ... selective and differential media
MSA is selective for ... microorganism that appear ... color upon its mannitol use halophilic, yellow
Orange/ red color on MSA media indicates to a negative fermenter
Specimen in broth that is used in KB Disk Diffusion it is 0.5 McFarland standard
Zone of inhibition is measured in mm (millimeters)
Primary stain Crystal violet
Iodine mordant
Safranin counter stain
Decolorizer alcohol or acetone based
G+ organism purple/blue
G- organism pink/red
Spherical and blue organisms are.... G+ cocci
Rod shaped and red G- bacilli
Pivotal test for G+ cocci Catalase
Reagent used in Catalase test is Hydrogen peroxide
S.aureus, S.epidermidis, and M.luteus are positive to this test Catalase test
Optochin test is a presumptive test that is used to identify S.pneumonia
Rabbit plasma is a reagent in the what kind of test? Coagulase test
What letter is printed on Optichin disk? P
what kind of organism is sensitive to Optichin Disk? S.pneumonia
Bacitracin disk test used as presumprive ID of Group A Steptococci
Created by: liudka11