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Night of theTwisters

Twister Questions

What is the setting for the story? (Time & Place) June 3,1980 Grand Island, Nebraska
How many tornadoes hit Grand Island on June 3, 1980? 7
How many people were hurt in these tornadoes? 4 killed 134 injured
Who is the main character in this story? Dan Hatch
Who is the narrator of this story? Dan Hatch
Dan called June 3rd a Black Letter Day, what is a Black Letter Day? It is a really bad unexpected event that messes up your life.
What was the percent of probability of thunderstorms that Dan's local weatherman predicted for Grand Island on the morning of that Black Letter Day? 20% chance of thunderstorms
Who is Dan's best friend? Arthur
What is Arthur's last name? Darlington
What is the name of Dan's, Mom's sister? Aunt Goldie
Were there any warnings that bad weather was coming as Dan and Arthur biked to Aunt Goldie's for craft class? NO
Why does Dan say that his best friend is no ordinary human being? Arthur is very smart, he studies things.
How many sisters does Arthur have in his family? Six at the beginning, his 7th sister is born at the end of the story.
What are Arthur's sisters' names? Eutacia Marie (Stacey), Veronica Vae (Ronnie), Gwyneth Elaine, Tabitha Tess, Theodosia D'esiree', Angelique, and Tempest June.
How does Dan feel about Arthur's sister Stacey? He has a crush on her.
How old are Dan and Arthur? They are both 12.
What color or look does the sky have as the boys and Arthur's sisters peddle home from swimming at Mormon Island? It has a greenish look.
What made Dan's street, Crane Drive, look like it was toilet papered? A ton of newspaper was blowing around in the wind as the weather changed.
Who is the oldest person in Dan's neighborhood? Mrs. Belle Smiley.
Dan states that he can remember all the details of this Black Letter Day. What Black Letter Day does his neighbor, Mrs. Smiley, remember? Pearl Harbor Day
What small detail of his kitchen does Dan remember from supper at his house before the tornado hit? He remembers the smell of chocolate meringue pie.
Why does Ivy Ruckman title three of her chapters 6,7, and 8 o'clock. Dan is remembering all the details and events leading up to the tornado during these hours and in these chapters.
What was the place Arthur and Dan liked to get burritos called? Taco Johns
Why is Arthur at Dan's house when the storm hits? Dan invited him for supper. They are going to have a sleepover.
Who is Ryan? Ryan is Dan's baby brother.
Dan says that he and Arthur are like twins, inseparable. The one difference between them is that Arthur is a thinker and Dan is a ______. Doer
In Dan's opinion his family had been happy and peaceful for eleven years before what? Ryan was born
How does Dan feel about his baby brother? Dan feels that Ryan is a pain and resents all the attention he gets.
Why wasn't Dan's dad home for dinner before the storm hit? He went to Dan's, grandparents' farm to help fix a tractor.
What does Mr. Hatch do for a living? He is a mechanic.
What is Mr. Hatch's pride and joy? His rare, white, 1953 Corvette.
What does Mr. Hatch mean when he tells Dan that, "The sun doesn't rise and set on you."? He means that everything isn't about Dan. Dan needs to be less selfish and help out more at home.
What is Dan glad that Aunt Goldie understands about Ryan? She understands that he feels it's not easy having a baby in the house.
What type of league is Aunt Goldie heading out to play in the evening of the big storm? bowling league
What was the first sign of warning that Dan, Arthur, and Mom had that a bad storm was coming? There was a severe weather announcement on T.V.
How could Dan tell that his cat, Minerva, didn't like the weather either? She crouched under Dad's chair with her ears back.
Why wasn't Dan scared exactly, when he saw the warning on T.V.? He's been through dozens of storm watches in his life and nothing ever happened.
Why does Dan's mom put on her windbreaker and head out the door after the severe weather announcement is issued? She is going to check on Mrs. Smiley to make sure she doesn't have her hearing aide turned down.
What does Dan's mom tell him to put in the downstairs bathroom before she leaves? flashlight & blanket
What does Mom tell Dan and Arthur to do if the tornado siren starts? They are to get Ryan from his crib and go downtstairs into the basement (into the bathroom).
Why doesn't Arthur's family ever go to the basement during bad storms? They are from California where tornadoes are very rare and people don't worry about them.
When Dan's mom heads out the door to check on Mrs. Smiley, what does Arthur say that the wind sounds like out there? It sounds like his bullroarer.
Who does Dan call after the siren goes off and what happens on the phone? Dan calls his grandmother, she answers, but sounds far away and can't be understood.
Why didn't Dan and Ryan go to the basement when they heard the siren? The siren quit. They thought the siren opperators had changed their mind.
What was the wind outside like when the siren quit? The wind was still, it had quit blowing.
What does Dan do immediately after the second siren goes off? He heads to Ryan's room.
What does Arthur do immediately after the second siren goes off? He turns on the radio.
Why did Dan almost leave Ryan in his crib, even though the siren was blaring outside? He didn't have the heart to wake a sleeping baby.
In the hallway Dan and Arthur practically had a head on collision. Arthur was rushing to find Dan to tell him what the guy on the radio said before it went dead. What did the guy say? "Tornado Alert, Tornado Alert!"
After the radio went dead and the lights flickered, what did the boys see on the T.V. screen? CD CD CD
What does CD mean? Civil Defense Emergency
What strange sound did Dan hear on his final trip to Ryan's room? The drains in the house were sucking.
What does Dan feel after he hears the drains sucking? He felt vacuums in his ears or air pressure.
What does Arthur try to do before Dan pushes/forces him down the stairs? He tries to go home.
What happened to Ryan as Dan lifted him out of his crib? He got caught in his crib mobile.
Arthur tries to go home again once they have all reached the basement bathroom. What does Dan tell him? Dan says, "You can't. It's here!"
What does Dan mean? What is here? The tornado
What noises did the boys hear upstairs right before the tornado reached them? Name 3. noises. A chair scraping across the floor,furniture smashing into things,glass breaking,drains sucking....
What time is it when the tornado strikes Dan's house? About 9 PM
What did Dan and Arthur put over their heads to protect themselves and Ryan? a blanket
When the tornado was "parked" above them, what did the boys feel that it was trying to do to them? It was trying to suck them up and lift them off the floor.
What does Dan mean by saying that the tornado was "parked" above them? It didn't move on, it stayed right there over them.
What did the roaring tornado sound like? It sounded like a hundred freight trains.
Where did the boys crawl to when Dan heard his dad's voice telling him this would be the safest place to be. the shower
What did Dan do after the shower door shattered? He began to pray.
What was Dan thankful that God had made him do? He felt that God had made him go back for Ryan and bring him downstairs.
What did baby Ryan do during the tornado that made Dan cry? Ryan grabbed Dan's finger, to try and make Dan feel better.
What is a tornado's usual forward speed? 30-50 miles/hour
What was the FORWARD speed of Dan's tornado? 0 miles/hour
What did Dan tell Arthur after the tornado had passed to encourage him? He said, "We made it....we're alive!"
After the tornado is gone, Dan relizes that he has saved Ryan's life. How does he feel about Ryan at that moment? He realizes that he really does love Ryan and that he is just a normal baby.
What size were the hailstones that fell on the boys? marble sized
Why could the boys feel the marble sized hairstones after the tornado, even though they were still in the basement? The kitchen above them and the whole upstairs was gone.
Who comes to find the boys while they are still trapped in the basement? Arthur's sister, Stacey
What does Stacey tell them about how Arthur's family survived the tornado? List 3 things. The family didn't go downstairs, there wasn't time. They flattened themselves on the floor and under the bed. Ronnie Vae was sucked out the window, but was saved by the neighbor's bushes.
How do the boys finally get out of the rubble of Dan's basement? They stand on the toilet and hoist themselves out after Stacey takes Ryan.
What did Dan say his yard looked like after he got out of the basement? a World War II battlefield
What did Dan notice about his Dad's prized white Corvette? It lay on its top like a discarded matchbox toy.
What did Dan think was under the trash heap that once was his house and garage? his beloved, new 10-speed racer bike
What does Dan want to find first after the tornado? his mom
What do the kids notice about all structures, houses,garages, fences, and telephone poles on Sand Crane Drive? They have all been leveled.
Why does Dan's heart quit beating when he finally finds his mom's car? Her car was battered and wrapped in a chain link fence. It was empty, except for her purse.
Who was the person in the red windbreaker that rushed toward Dan as Arthur pulled him away from his mom's car? his mom, Mrs. Hatch
How had Mrs. Hatch survived the tornado? She left Mrs. Smiley in her basement, went to her car, saw the tornado coming, ran back to Smiley's and dived under the dining room table, holding onto its legs as the tornado blew.
Where is Mrs. Smiley immediately after the tornado? She is trapped in her basement.
Mrs. Hatch and Ryan are taken to an emergency shelter that has been set up. Where is it? in Kmart
After Mrs. Hatch and Ryan leave for the shelter, where do Dan, Arthur, and Stacey convince her to let them go? To Mrs. Smiley's to find her.
When the kids finally find Mrs. Smiley in her basement, what is she doing? She is asleep and snoring on the sofa.
Why is Dan upset when he hears a passing police officer say there had been twister action near Phillips? His dad and grandparents ar there on the farm.
Why do Dan, Arthur, and Stacey get into a police car? Mrs. Smiley made it on a bus, but now the busses going to the shelters are full.
What is the name of the police officer the kids are riding with? Officer Kelly
Why is Dan worried when he hears the police car radio crackle that all rescue units are needed at Meves Bowl? That is where Aunt Goldie went before the tornado.
Why as the on coming car's headlights are swallowed into darkness, does officer Kelly suddenly tell the kids to get down, NOW!? They are headed right toward another tornado.
What is happening when the oncoming car's headlights are swallowed into darkeness? The tornado is passing between the police car and the car coming toward them from the other direction.
The police car narrowly escapes the tornodo, so why does 12 year old Dan Hatch have to drive the police car the rest of the way to police headquarters? Officer Kelly has glass in his eyes from the shattered wind sheild of the patrol car.
Where do Dan, Arthur, and Stacey sleep for the rest of the night after they reach police headquarters? They sleep in the jail.
Who is in the pick-up truck that finds Dan after his night sheltered in the jail, as he is walking to the armory to look for his mom and Ryan? Dan's Dad, Mrs. Hatch, and Ryan
How had Mr. Hatch and Dan's grandparents survived their tornado? It had missed the farm.
What had Mr. Hatch spent the whole night after the tornado doing? He was looking for Mrs. Hatch, Dan, and Ryan.
As Dan's family drives up to what had been their house on the morning after the tornadoes, what does Mr. Hatch say about where they will be living? They'll be living on the farm with Dan's grandparents for awhile.
How had Aunt Goldie survived the tornado that hit Meves Bowl? She hid in the ladies room.
For what reasons was the Grand Island, Black Tuesday Storm labeled a first class freak? (Give 3 reasons.) 1) 6 or 7 funnels had touched down in the same area in the same evening 2) One tornado was 5 miles wide 3) Two tornadoes spun clockwise instead of the normal counterclockwise direction
What day of the week was June 3, 1980? Tuesday
Arthur has a new baby sister by the end of the story. What is her name? Tempest June
Why do you think her parents named her Tempest June? The tornado they lived through also came in June. A tempest is a strong wind storm.
What are some of the things that happen after a tornado hits a town according to Dan. ( Name 3.) 1)Water supply is polluted (He had to drink soda all the time.) 2)No clean clothes available (They had to make trades.) 3)Grocery food spoils. 4)Looters steal from damaged store buildings at night. 5) Tons of debris pile up everywhere.
What does Dan mean when he says that after a tornado, suddenly everyone becomes a neighbor? Many volunteers came from all over to offer help to his town and its people.
What is Arthur's last name? Darlington
What is the name of Dan's Mom's sister? Aunt Goldie
What did Mrs. Smiley die of? How old was she? Old Age, 90
What grade did Dan get on his science project? A
What is the name of Grandpa Hatch's dog? Princess Fleabag?
Where was Aunt Goldie whe she finally "came to" after the tornado? a motel in Omaha, Nebraska
How did Aunt Goldie get to Omaha? A trucker promised to take her to safety.
What's the name of the matron in the jail? Mrs. Minetti
What was the midnight snack the kids had at the jail? They had a can of 7-UP and 7 graham crackers.
Wehre did the kids find Mr. Darlington? At the armory
Where did the Hatches finally find each other the morning after the tornado? At the Fonner Park Race Track
What were Ryan, Mrs. Smiley, and Dan's mom all sleeping on in the Presbyterian church? A rug
Where do Dan, Arthur, and Stacy sleep for the rest of the night after they reach police headquarters? In the jail
Who spoke from a foundation in the middle of Sand Crane Drive's rubble? President Jimmy Carter
What did President Jimmy Carter tell the people of Grand Island? "You will not be forgotten."
What did Dan, Arthur, and the other families on Sand Crane Drive live in by the middle of August? A rent free government issue trailer
Where are Dan and his family living a year after the tornado? They are living in their new house.
What is the name of Dan's new cat? Minerva II
What grade in school has Dan finished by the end of the book? Seventh
What type of new bike did Dan's grandpa buy him to replace the one he lost in the tornado? A Voyageur



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