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AWS-2OI -Tools

Photoshop tools

Tool NameDefinition
Custom shape tool Draws a shape template of colour.
Brush tool Is a painting tool that applies the current foreground colour with a soft antialised brush stroke.
Crop tool Removes the edges of an image. The crop tool cuts out the selection.
Gradient tool Adds shades from where you first click to where you release the mouse button after dragging across the image.
Healing brush Helps repair large areas of damage in images.
Horizontal type tool Inserts text horizontally
Burn tool Will darken the pixels dragged over according to the percentage chosen in the tool's options bar. You can choose to darken highlights, midtones, or shadows.
Magic Wand The magic wand selects all colours similar to the pixel clicked, provided it is part of a continuous region.
Move(selection) tool Allows you to move the selection (layer, floating object, etc).
Dodge tool Will lighten the pixels dragged over according to the percentage chosen in the tool's option bar. You can choose to lighten highlights, midtones, or shadows.
Eye Dropper To change the foreground colour, click with the eyedropper on the desired color anywhere in the current image, or in any other open image, active or not.
Pen tool Tools are used for creating, and editing 'paths'. These are outlines which can be used to make selections, or which can be storked or filled with color.
Zoom tool Clicking in the image when the zoom tool has been selected in the toolbox will increase the magnification of the image by a pre-set amount.
Colour Picker Simply either double-clicking on either the foreground colour or the background colour will bring up a menu in which you can manually select the colour or enter a 6-digit hex code for the colour you wish to use.
Line tool Is used in the image to draw (perfectly) straight lines.
Quick Selection Similar to the magic wand in that it also selects pixels based on tone and colour. Also selects for similar textures in the image.
Smudge tool Is supposed to simulate finger painting.
Marquee tool The marquee's are used generally for selecting areas of the image.
Clone Stamp You can duplicate (clone) a portion of an image and paint that duplicate area onto any other part of the image.
Paint bucket tool Will recolour pixels, of any colour you click on, to be the current foreground colour.
Blur tool Drag in the image over the area you wish to soften.
Sharpen tool Works by increasing contrast at distinct edges.
Background Eraser Erases the colour on which you first click, while leaving other colours untouched.
Hand tool The hand tool moves the image around like a scroll bar, or paging up or down, but it works in any direction.
Magnetic lasso tool Is used as a freedom selection tool.
Eraser Drag in the image to remove pixels wherever you paint.
Vertical text tool Inserts text vertically.
Created by: jackmcfarlane