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FreEng Verbs-3rd Grp

French-English Verbs in the 3rd Group /Irregular

abattre to knock down, to shoot, to slaughter, to break down
s'abattre to fall down, to collapse
admettre to admit / let in, to tolerate, to accept / acknowledge
advenir to happen
aller to go
s'en aller to go away, to leave
apparaître to appear
appartenir to belong to, to be a member of
apprendre to learn, to hear of
attendre to wait for, to expect
s'attendre to expect something for oneself
avoir to have
battre to beat, to thresh, to bang
se battre to fight somebody, to fight over something
combattre to fight
se combattre to fight each other
commettre to commit
comparaître to appear before [a government official]
comprendre to understand
se comprendre to understand eo, to be comprehensible
conclure to conclude, to sign
se conclure to end with something
conduire to drive, to lead
se conduire to behave
confondre to confuse, to mix up
connaître to know, to experience
se connaître to know each other, to know oneself
consentir to agree, to consent
constuire to build
contrefaire to forge, to counterfeit, to mimic
couvrir to cover, to drown out
se couvrir to wrap up, to cover oneself, to cloud over
débattre to debate, to discuss
se débattre to struggle
découvrir to discover, to find, to reveal, to uncover
se découvrir to uncover oneself, to undress
défaire to take down, to dismantle, to undo
se défaire to come undone, to get messed up
démettre to wrench, to dislocate, to dismiss
se démettre to wrench something on os, to resign
déplaire to displease, to upset
se déplaire to not like it somewhere
descendre to go down, to get down, to come down, to descend
détruire to destroy
se détruire to cancel eo out
devenir to become
devoir to have to [as a requirement], to owe
se devoir to have a duty to, to owe it os to
dire to say, to tell
se dire to tell oneself, to tell each other
disparaître to disappear, to vanish
dormir to sleep, to lie dormant, to be asleep
écrire to write
s' écrire to be spelt
élire to elect
émettre to give out, to emit, to transmit, to issue, to express, to put forward
entreprendre to undertake a study or a career
endormir to put someone to sleep, to put someone under
s'endormir to fall asleep, to go to sleep, to die down
entretenir to maintain, to support, to keep alive
s'entretenir to keep oneself in shape
entrevoir to make out, to catch a glimpse of
entrouvrir to half-open, to leave ajar
être to be
exclure to expel, to exclude, to leave out, to ignore
s'exclure to be mutually exclusive
faire to do, to make
se faire to do to oneself
falloir to be necessary [impersonal only]
introduire to introduce, to insert
s'introduire to gain entry, to get into st
lire to read
se lire to be read
maintenir to hold in place, to secure, to support, to maintain
se maintenir to persist
mentir to lie
mettre to put, to wear (to put on)
se mettre to put os somewhere, to become (weather), to start or take up
mordre to bite, to bite into
se mordre to bite os
naître to be born
nuire to harm, to damage
offrir to offer, to give
se offrir to treat onself to, to reveal oneself to
ouvrir to open, to open up, to answer the door
se ouvrir to open, to unfasten, to slash or cut os
paraître to become visible, to be published, to seem, to appear, to look [like something]
partir to leave, to depart, to emanate, to die
perdre to lose, to lose out, to waste, to miss
se perdre to get lost, to lose one’s way, to disappear
permettre to allow, to permit
se permettre to permit oneself, to indulge os
plaire to please, to like so , to be appreciated
se plaire to like doing st or being somewhere, to like eo
pondre to lay, to produce
pouvoir to be able to
se pouvoir to be possible [impersonal]
prendre to take, to get, to pick up
se prendre to consider oneself, to get caught / trapped
produire to produce
se produire to take place, to happen, to perform, to appear
promettre to promise
se promettre to permit oneself, to promise os
rabattr to decrease, to turn down, to reduce, to pull down
se rabattre to cut in, to fall back on
reconnaître to recognize, to admit, to acknowledge
se reconnaître to know where oneself is, to know one’s way around
recouvrir to cover [as the ground]
redécouvrir to rediscover
réduire to lower, to reduce, to cut, to shorten
se réduire to boil down to
relire to re-read, to read again
se relire to read over one’s own work
remettre to put back on, to postpone, to put off
se remettre to start doing something again, to get over st
rendre to give back, to return
se rendre to surrender, to give up
reparaître to reappear
se repentir to repent of [reflexive form only]
répondre to answer, to reply
ressentir to feel
revivre to relive, to live again, to be revived
revoir to see again, to review
se revoir to see each other again, to see os [e.g. as young] again
satisfaire to satisfy
se satisfaire to be satisfied with something
savoir to know, to know how to
se savoir to know about oneself, to be known
séduire to charm, to seduce, to appeal, to win over
sentir to smell, to taste, to feel
se sentir to feel something oneself
sortir to exit, to go out, to bring out, to come out
se sortir to get out of, to pull through
souffrir to be in pain, to suffer
soumettre to subjugate, to put down, to submit something
se soumettre to obey, to comply
soutenir to support, to stand up to, to keep up, to withstand
se souvenir to remember [reflexive form only]
surprendre to surprise
se surprendre to catch oneself doing something
survivre to survive, to outlive
tenir to hold, to hold out, to survive
se tenir to hold onto something, to hold on to eo
traduire to translate
se traduire to be translated, to be conveyed
transmettre to transmit, to broadcast, to hand down, to pass on
se transmettre to transmit to each other [disease, information]
vendre to sell
se vendre to be sold
venir to come, to come from
vivre to live
voir to see, to look at, to visit
se voir to see each other or oneself, to be seen, to stand out
vouloir to want, to wish, to desire
se vouloir to mean to be, to be willing
Created by: cberteau