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The Odyssey

Final Exam

The Odyssey serves as the basic model for which type of epic long journey
Odysseus is first seen looking out to sea and weeping. Why is this scene ironic he should be enjoying his stay with Calypso
What does Circe turn Odysseus’ men into pigs
What does Odysseus do when he meets the shade of his mother cries
Scylla and Charybdis are often referred to as a metaphor for any difficult choice. Why are the alternatives Odysseus faces difficult necessity for great skill
Why does Odysseus withhold his identity from Eumaeus concern that Eumaeus, happy over his master's return, might reveal his identity
Whom does Penelope expect to win the contest no one
Why does Odysseus question the swineherd and cowherd determine their loyalty to him
What does the clap of thunder when Odysseus strings the bow indicate Zeus had helped Odysseus
What quality does Penelope embody in the reunion scene? faithfulness
What is Penelope’s final test to prove her husband's identity? order their bed moved
Homer brings The Odyssey to an end by giving the final words to whom the gods
Calypso tells Odysseus he is free to leave her island because . . . Zeus had ordered it
What does Calypso indicate will happen if Odysseus stays on her island he will become immortal
Odysseus leaves Calypso’s island after she helps him to do what build a raft
What happens after Odysseus’s men eat the lotus plant forget their homeland
Why does Odysseus blind Cyclops rather than kill him Only Cyclops can remove the boulder blocking the cave
What trait of an epic hero does Odysseus show when he ties his men to the ram cleverness
Which detail about Circe is the most intriguing? Her enchanting house
What prophecy of Tiresias and Circe does Odysseus withhold from his men Only Odysseus will survive and return home
Odysseus does not warn his crew about Scylla because he thinks they will do what panic and endanger the ship
Odysseus saves his crew from the Sirens’ song by doing what plugging the men's ears with beeswax
What does Circe warn will happen to men who listen to the songs of the Sirens eaten by the Sirens
Who first gives food and shelter to Odysseus on Ithaca Eumaeus, the swineherd
Who joins Odysseus in his first fight against the suitors Telemachus, swineherd, cowherd
Eurymachus misjudges Odysseus’s character by thinking Odysseus . . . fears fighting so many men
What does Athena do during the battle with the suitors locks the doors of the great hall
Why does Odysseus believe no one but a god could move his bed it is built from a tree still rooted to the ground
In Part Two, how does Odysseus exhibit the traits of an epic stringing the bow
What is Part One of The Odyssey mainly about heroic deeds
What most accurately describes the role of Zeus in Odysseus’ adventures Zeus controls the weather by which Odysseus sails
What aspect of Odysseus’ character keeps him from giving his heart to Calypso or to Circe eager to get back to Ithaca
While Odysseus’s men want to steal the Cyclops’ cheeses and animals and depart immediately, Odysseus wishes to see what “the cave man . . had to offer.” Considering Odysseus’s character, what might he be hoping the Cyclops will offer exciting challenge
What trait does Odysseus demonstrate by lying about his name to the Cyclops creativity
Odysseus demonstrates the realistic, human side of his character when he does what weeps upon meeting Elpenor's ghost in Hades
Which character trait does Odysseus display when he listens to the Sirens’ song self-sacrifice
What is demonstrated by Odysseus’s failure to wake up and prevent his men from slaughtering the sun god’s cattle power of the gods
What does Odysseus’s comment to Telemachus, “This is note princely, to be sweapt / away by wonder at your father’s presence,” mean showed little emotion
The episode about Argus, Odysseus’s dog, is important to the overall plot of Part Two - because it emphasizes what the dog, weak from neglect and abuse, wags his tail at the sound of Odysseus's voice then dies
Which of Telemachus’ actions best demonstrates his obedience to his father silence when Antinous confronts Odysseus
What is one result of Odysseus’s initial exchange with the suitor Antinous Penelope summons the "beggar" Odysseus and questions him
Why is the episode in which Penelope invites the old beggar to her room important allows suspense to build
Why does the disguised Odysseus make up a story and tell Penelope that her husband will be home soon to prepare Penelope emotionally for recognizing and welcoming her husband
Which character traits does Penelope reveal in Part Two prudence, loyalty
Which of Odysseus’s traits allows him triumph in the bow-and-arrow challenge that Penelope sets for her suitors skill as a marksman
Why does Calypso allow Odysseus to leave her island Hermes told her Zeus ordered it
Why does Odysseus tell Calypso that he wishes to return to Penelope he longs to see his home again
What does Odysseus’s encounter with the Cicones after the Greeks leave Troy indicate about the Greeks they are violent warriors and plunderers
Why does Odysseus blind Polyphemus rather than kill him only Polyphemus can move the boulder
From what we discover about Circe, what can we assume that her tame wolves and mountain lions are men transformed into animals
What does the shade of Tieiresias require in order to provide Odysseus with a prophecy taste of blood
How does Odysseus save his crew from the Sirens’ song plugging their ears with beeswax
In epic poetry, the poet often begins by asking for assistance in telling the story. What is this convention known as invocation
What did the Greeks regard as one of the actions most offensive to the gods mistreat guests
To Homer and his listeners, what did the stories we call myths primarily express how men are influenced by the spiritual realm
When Odysseus returns home, Athena advises him to disguise himself as a what beggar
What does Telemachus think when Odysseus reveals himself to him only a god could make such a transformation
How does the old hound Argos know that Odysseus has returned recognizes Odysseus's voice
What is the difficult task Penelope proposes that her suitors must perform string Odysseus's bow
What does Odysseus do to enlist the aid of the swineherd and cowherd in his battle with the suitors offer them wives, cattle, houses
Who joins Odysseus in the fight against the suitors Telemachus, cowherd, swineherd
Why does Telemachus execute the maids they are associated with the suitors
What does Eurymachus do to stop Odysseus from killing all the suitors ask for a fair fight with Odysseus
How does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope telling her how he built their marriage bed
What themes did Homer include in The Odyssey loyalty to family and friends, overcoming obstacles, relationship between humans and gods
What function does Penelope’s test of Odysseus in Book 23 serve prlongs the story's resolution
Whom does Telemachus especially admire Orestes
Who seats Telemachus in Book 3 Pisistratus, son of Nestor
With what is Nestor closely associated horses and chariots
How does Pisistratus demonstrate courtesy initially hands the wine cup to Athena first because Athena / Mentor is oldest
Which character DID NOT enjoy a safe return from Troy Agamemnon
What animal is sacrificed in the morning in Book 3 heifer
Where does Telemachus land first Pylos
Why is Telemachus nervous about addressing Nestor young and shy
Who asks who the strangers are and when in Book 3 Nestor, after they have eaten
What does Telemachus tell Nestor is his mission news of his father
What is Nestor up to when Telemachus first sees him at a banquet
What did Alcinous have slaughtered to feed his guests boars and sheep
How are Demodocus and the proverbial Homer alike they are both blind
What does Odysseus give Demodocus boar meat
Which does Athena do to make Odysseus more appealing to the Phaeacians makes him taller
How does Odysseus handle his tears covers his face with a cape
In which sport does Odysseus demonstrate his skill in Book 8 discus
What prompts Odysseus to enter the contests in Book 8 insults
How many sailors does Alcinous ask for 52
Whose form does Athena put on at the start of the eighth book the herald's
Which funny tale does the bard provide for the dancing in Book 8 Ares and Aphrodite
What does Odysseus do with the big ram in Book 8 burns part of it, eats part of it, uses it for protection
What was Ithaca good for raising sons
What would be found in the mixing bowl of an ancient Greek feast water / wine
Why don’t the other Cyclops help Polyphemus they don't believe anyone is trying to kill him; they believe he is afflicted with a Zeus-sent plague, they believe he is alone
Which female held the affection of Odysseus most deeply Penelope
What did the crew of Odysseus find first on the land of the Cyclops goats
Why does Odysseus not kill the Cyclops when he has a chance he needs the Cyclops to move the boulder
What harm comes from the Lotus Eaters drug-induced indifference
Upon leaving Troy, where di the men in Odysseus’s crew first encounter trouble Land of the Cicones
What is the unnecessary and foolish thing Odysseus says to the Cyclops tells Cyclops his real name
How does Odysseus outwit / get around Circe applies god-given advice
Who were the Laestrygonians cannibals
Who or what is Antiphates Laestrygonian king's daughter
What was the special gift Aeolus gave Odysseus bag of wind
After leaving the Cyclops where di the crew of Odysseus first land home of Aeolus
Why does Aeolus turn Odysseus away he thinks Odysseus is cursed
What is the closest description of the men’s reaction when Odysseus comes back from his reconnaissance mission to tell them he saw smoke grief-striken
How does Elpinor die falls drunk from Circe's roof
Why did Odysseus’s men open the bag holding Odysseus’s special gift they thought Odysseus was hoarding gold
Where does Circe tell Odysseus to go next to consult a ghost
Who judged the dead Minos
What was Siyphyus’s punishment push a rock uphill that keeps rolling back down
What did Odysseus’s men do to offend Helios ate his cattle
Which shade first conversed with Odysseus Elpenor
Who was punished with drawing water using a sieve Danaids
What were the names of the dangerous creatures on the two cliffs that faced each other Scylla and Charybdis
Who was the companion who stood up to Odysseus and gave bad advice that was followed Eurylochus
Who warned Odysseus against slaughtering the cattle of the sun god Circe, Tiresias
Why was Elpinor buried with an oar the ghost of Elpinor asked Odysseus to do it
After surviving most of the trial of Book 12, where did Odysseus wind up for the next several years with Calypso
What elements did the companions have to make substitutions for in the sacrifice of the cattle of the sun barely meal and wine
Which wind blew Odysseus back to Scylla and Charybdis South
When does Menelaus ask Telemachus the purpose of his visit the morning after he arrives
For whom does Menelaus grieve most Odysseus
Which forms did the Old Man of the Sea assume lion, serpent, panther, boar
Where does Telemachus find Menelaus at a feast
Why does Helen drug the wine so they won't weep
What is the color of Menelaus’s hair red (or reddish blonde)
While stuck in Egypt what must Menelaus do to get off the island wrestle Proteus
What are Telemachus and Pisistratus offered first baths
What will be the ultimate fate of Menelaus Elysian Fields
Who tells Menelaus to get moving Eidothea
What does Calypso tell the divine messenger she will give Odysseus advice
Which immortal helps Odysseus after Poseidon sends the raft-destroying storms Leucothea
What was Odysseus’ main activity on the island of Calypso weeping
Why is Odysseus suspicious of Calypso’s helping him get ready to leave because she tells him to build a raft to go home
On which day of his voyage from the island of Calypso does Odysseus first spot land 18th
Why does Odysseus say he wants to leave Calypso’s island he wants to get home and can think of nothing else
Whom does Zeus send to Calypso Hermes
Name the mortal lover of Eos (Dawn) whom Artemis killed. Orion
What does the sea nymph lend Odysseus enchanted veil
What is Calypso up to when the divine messenger arrives weaving
Whose daughter was Nausicaa Alcinous
What is the girls’ activity after they finish washing the clothing and spreading them out to dry bathing
Where had the Phaeacians lived before Hyperia, Land near the Cyclops, Scheria
Why does Nausicaa’s mother provide her with oil to rub on after bathing
What does Odysseus tell Nausicaa is the greatest gift harmony in marriage
What should Odysseus do once he enters the city where Nausicaa lives go straight to the queen and grab her around the knees
With whom does Odysseus compare Nausicaa Artemis
What was Odysseus wearing when Nausicaa first spotted him naked, but shielding himself with a branch
What does Athena tell Nausicaa to do to help prepare for marriage wash fine clothing
What interest of Odysseus does Nausicaa implicitly state the Phaeacians do not share archery
After she drops Odysseus off at the palace, where does Athena go in Book 7 Athens
What are the Phaeacian women famed for weaving
What is the name of the Phaeacian queen Arete
Who is Eurymedusa Nausicaa's chambermaid
What does Odysseus ask of Arete help (getting home)
What were the men of Phaeacia famed as sailors
Who does Athena say she is to Odysseus in Book 7 neighbor of Alcinous
What is the blood relationship between Arete and Alcinous niece, uncle
What does Alcinous want of Odysseus to marry his daughter
Who dismantles Nausicaa’s wagons and puts away the clothing Nausicaa's brothers
What was Odysseus doing while his companions sacrificed the cattle sleeping
Who is Idomeneus Cretan king
Which additional items does Alcinous tell all the Phaeacian noblemen to give Odysseus in Book 13 Cauldron and tripod
Who will replace the goods Alcinous asks his nobles to give Odysseus Common people
Who does Odysseus tell Athena he is Murderer of the Cretin king’s son
What does Athena do to disguise Odysseus in Book 13 Turns him into an old man
Where does Odysseus stow his loot Cave
How would you characterize the Phaeacian noblemen Interested mostly in feasting
How would you characterize Odysseus’s reaction to the Phaeacian’s generosity He accepted it as his due
Why is Ithaca probably not a place for horses Too rugged and rocky
From what you know about Idomeneus or the other Greek leaders, how was his return from the Trojan War unusual He reached home quickly and safely
Where does Eumaeus say beggars come from Zeus
Who is tricked into leaving a cloak behind Thoas
How many pig sties has Eumaeus built 12
To which god(s) does Eumaeus provide a seventh portion of the meat at the feast Hermes and the Nymphs
After feasting with Eumaeus, where does Odysseus sleep On top of goat and sheep skins
Who was the father of Eumaeus the swineherd Ctesius
Which position does Odysseus propose to seek Servant of the suitors
Why does Eumaeus think Odysseus is unsuited to this position He isn’t attractive and well-dressed
Who made the silver mixing vessel Menelaus gave Telemachus Hephaestus
Which of Telemachus’s hosts described the duty of the host in terms of what we’d call the “golden mean” Menelaus
Which type of ship did Odysseus arrive in Ithaca Phaeacian
Before he learns the beggar at Eumaeus’ lodge is really his father, Telemachus tells him not to go to the palace. Why Because the suitors will abuse him
Which suitor tells Penelope they will not kill her son Eurymachus
Whose father came as a fugitive to Ithaca Antinous
Of which group of suitors is Amphinomus the leader Those from Dulichium
How did Odysseus and his men escape from the Cyclops They tied themselves to the bellies of sheep
What do the Sirens use to lure sailors to their deaths Their voices
Whom does Odysseus kill near the end of the story All the suitors
Who said, “Oh for shame, how the mortals put the blame on us gods” Zeus
Who said, “The Olympian has given me sorrows beyond all others who were born and brought up together with me” Zeus
Who said, “This plan was not made without a god’s will” Odysseus
Who said, “I know well how to handle the polished bow, and would be first to strike any man with an arrow aimed at a company of hostile men” Telemachus
Who said, “Leave blows alone, do not press me too hard, or you may make me angry so that, old as I am, I may give you a bloody chest and mouth” Odysseus
What does deference to the gods show Piety
What is Odysseus’s flaw Pride
Odysseus carved his bed from the roots of which tree Olive
What does the bed represent Penelope’s loyalty
What is a measure of hospitality Festivals
What is Argos to Odysseus His dog
Of what is the bow a symbol Strength
At the beginning of the story, why has Odysseus not come home from the war He is being held captive
Who tells Telemachus to go out in search of his father Athena
What are Penelope’s suitors planning to do Kill Telemachus
What did Odysseus tell Polyphemus his name was Nobody
In Book 1 who is blamed for killing Agamemnon Aegisthus
Who does the disguised Athena appear to be in Book 1 Mentes
Upon receiving a guest in his home, How does Telemachus demonstrate his understanding of hospitality By giving his guest food and drink before asking his name
Who is the most impertinent of the suitors Antinous
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