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Delivery systems

Junior cert business studies

Delivery system refer to the facilities used to transport people and goods from one place to another place
Tachographs are devices installed on commercial vehicles that record the vehicles speed and the length of time that it is moving or stationary
Roll-on/roll off(RO/RO) ferries are ship designed to allow cars and fully loaded trucks to drive directly on to and off them
Load on/load off(LO/LO) ferries are ships designed to allow goods to be lifted on to and off them ,e.g by cranes
A Pipeline is a system of inter-connected pipes laid down to transport something over long distance
A common carrier is an individual or company that transports goods or people for a fee
A courier is a person or company that delivers documents and small,valuable packages byt hand
Freight refers to goods being transported
carriage is the cost of transporting goods
A pallet is a specially designed platform, usually wooden,on to which a large quantity of goods can be loaded to make it easy to move them
A forklift is an easily manoeuvrable transport device with two protruding rigid steel bars that can be raised and lowered . it is used to move pallets
Distance tables are gridded tables showing the distance between various places
containers are large metal boxes used to store goods that are to be transported . the containers are sealed after the goods have been placed in them . they are then loaded on to trucks or ships for transportation
Toll roads are roads that can only be used on payment of a fee (toll)
Quality bus corridors are parts of a public road that can only be used by buses and taxis
Bypasses are roads built specifically to divert traffic away from villages,towns and cities
Bicycle lanes are parts of a public road that can only be used by cyclists
A refrigerated mode of transport refers to any form of transport -e.g trucks,vans and ships- that has a refrigerator incorporated into it
An luas is a light rail passenger transport system in dublin that connects suburban areas to the city center



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