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Core Skill G

Finishing Applications

What is a printer slotter? The printer-slotter, as a self contained entity, still exist today. It is used to produce very large boxes in small quantities.
What are the two modes of rotary die cutting? Partway through cutting is usually done to the liner without damaging it, when the substrate is a multiple layer laminate. An through cutting (steel to steel) cuts through the whole web thickness
What is a printer/platen die cutter? AFter the printing units are finished, a belt conveyor or a vacuum conveyor transports the printed sheets into a plate type die cutter.
What does the capstan roller do? It is a driven roll provided to assure uniform pull on the waste matrix as the rewind waste roll changes size.
What are the two most common types of die cutting? Rotary and flat bed
What segments of industry are inline finishing operations most common? Tag and Label, Folding carton, Envelope and corrugated
A typical rotary die cutting station consists of what? Parallel slots milled in the front and rear of the press, a rotating driven, roller used as an anvil, a pressure assembly used as a pressure bridge and assist assembly, and a waste matrix removal system
What purpose do the bearers serve on a rotary die The high of the engraved cutting area relative to the bearers determines the depth of the cut.
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