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SALT American Lit2

Study help for American Lit Units pages 409-457

Who painted "Benjamin Franklin"? Joseph Wright
Which painting demonstrates a good balance between French Impressionism and American Realism? "Stepping Stones"
Who painted "Stepping Stones"? Theodore Robinson
Who painted "The White Parasol"? Robert Reid
Which painting by Winslow Homer reflects the spirit of country school outdoor games? "Crack the Whip"
Who painted "A Family of Birches"? Willard Leroy Metcalf
Who painted "Improvisation"? Childe Hassam
Who painted "Man with the Cat"? Cecilia Beaux
Who painted "George Washington"? Gilbert Stuart
Who painted "Allies Day, Fifth Avenue, May 1917"? Childe Hassam
Who was known for his portraits of Native Americans? George Catlin
Which artist was known for her paintings of mothers with their children? Mary Cassatt
Who painted "Peculiarsome Abe"? N.C. Wyeth
According to his autobiography, who wanted to achieve moral perfection? Benjamin Franklin
Who won the fight in the schoolhouse? Jesse Stuart
Where did Jesse Stuart want to teach school? Lonesome Valley, Kentucky
In "Mission Accomplished," what tribe of Indians were the missionary men trying to reach? the Aucas
Which talent became evident in Marian Anderson's young life? singing
Which poem's theme is that faith and hope in God are more precious than earthly wealth? "What Riches Have You?"
What is the introductory poem in "Spoon River Anthology" which lists many of the former inhabitants of Spoon River? "The Hill"
What poem's theme is that we can hide our problems from the world but not from Christ? "We Wear the Mask"
What is the theme of "When All Is Done"? Death is just a beginning
What is the speaker asking of readers in "In Flanders Fields"? to take up the fight where others have fallen
Which poem was written in praise of the unnamed inventors of Negro spirituals? "O Black and Unknown Bards"
Who wrote "The Taxi"? Amy Lowell
Who wrote "In Flanders Fields"? John McCrae
Of what nationality was John McCrae? Canadian
Who wrote "What Riches Have You?" George Santayana
Where was George Santayana born? Spain
Who wrote Spoon River Anthology? Edgar Lee Masters
Who wrote "The Creation" and "Go Down Death"? James Weldon Johnson
Who wrote "The Threat That Runs So True"? Jesse Stuart
Who wrote "Young Abe Lincoln"? Carl Sandburg
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "Life is too strong for you -/It takes life to love Life." Edgar Lee Masters
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "I was born on Webster Street in South Philadelphia..." Marian Anderson
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "I took the one less traveled by" Robert Frost
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "The prayer that had been in Jim's heart for years was prayed with renewed energy now - that those who still had never heard,... might hear." Elisabeth Elliot
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "I made a little book, in which I allotted a page for each of the virtues." Benjamin Franklin
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "I shan't be gone long - You come too." Robert Frost
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "After I'd seen the way my sister was beaten up, I begged to go to Lonesome Valley." Jesse Stuart
About whom was "Go Down Death" written? Sister Caroline
What poem is probably the most quoted American poem because of its combination of sentiment and idea? "Trees"
Who wrote the work in which this quotation is found: "Love has gone and left me." "Ashes of Life"
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