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Nausea, strong relaxation effect, MP for opening chest, Combo w/Master of Chong (SP4) for lower warmer/gynissues (tonify & move), carpal tunnel syndrome Excess or Deficient Spirit problems PC6
Yuan source, MP for tonification of PC, Important point for cooling, Insomnia w/racing thoughts (mild heat related sleep problems), Hematuria (HT fire affecting urination) PC7
"Palace of Labor" - Fire related to job stress Ying Spring/Fire point, Most cooling on PC - for full fire, Febrile disease @ lvl of Ying/Blood PC8
Jingwell, Problems @ end of meridian, Fever, Following a stroke, Drain excess at end of meridian PC9
Febrile illness affecting HT, Best point for Fire & Phlegm affecting spirit, Plum pit qi (helps) PC5
Angina - increases blood circulation to HT, Hand tremors, Parkinson's PC3
XiCleft, Regulates HT function (angina, etc), Relieves bleeding PC4
Releases exterior (sl. more for wind-heat), Cold affecting side of neck/ears, H/A temporal or vertex, Shaoyang stage disease, YangWei/ Daimai, Musculoskeletal probs of limbs (primary for forearm, distal for shoulder) TW5
MP for lateral posterior shoulder, pain/restricted motion TW14
Ear problems TW17
Point of choice for distal point for ear probs TW3
Treats chest & hypochondrium, Most responsible for moving in "float the boat" combo (plus SP6, KD6) TW6
Pain in elbow, Transforms phlegm (esp swollen glands from cold) TW10
Jing Well, Disperses fire at opp. end of channel (throat, eyes, ears) TW1
Local for wrist probs (combo 2/ LI11, LI15), JAS w/ moxa TW4
3 arm yang meeting point, Pain affecting all 3 arm yang channels - "group XiCleft" TW8
Assist GB21 for releasing traps, Scapula probs TW15
Opens orifices, Phlegm blockage, Drain damp from head TW16
Eye pain, twitching, Bell's palsy TW23
Source point, Most important point for LV qi stagnation, Alleviates LV qi constraint, subdues/anchors LV yang, Important for eye probs, Main point for Menstrual disorders due to LV qi stagnation, Chest & flank pain, Calming Four gates LV3
Quells LV Fire, Hot skin conditions LV2
Nourishes LV BLood & Yin, Cools & moves by tonification of LV yin, Medial knee pain (local), allergies & asthma of deficient nature LV8
Luo, Damp heat affecting genitals, Excess sexual energy, Combo w/LI11 LV5
Front Mu of SP, When SP related signs predominate - LV overacting LV13
Front Mu of LV, When LV constraint is primary (excess) Good for any LV pathology LV14
Jing Well, Fire in channel LV1
Moving, Clears heat, Local probs LV4
Hip Pain, Low back pain GB 29 & 30
Relaxes occiput & neck, tight SCM & traps GB 20 & 21
Neck probs, H/A, Eye probs deriving from wind-heat/LV yang GB20
H/A, Pain in neck & shoulders, Strong descending action - cough, rebellious qi, Breast probs, Stroke/phlegm GB21
Hui mtg pt of sinews, LV qi stagnation w/sx on flanks, Direct effect on organ - lower HeSea, Knee problems GB34
master of Dai Mai (w/TW5), Damp heat in lower warmer, Problems in horizontal planes of body, Helper when treating Sx on sides of body, Whiplash (+ TW5, SI3, BL62) GB41
Created by: trevett