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Core Skills E

Key Materials Used on Press (Ink Application)

What decade were water-based inks first tested and what was the application? In the 1930's on paper and paperboard.
What are the major components of UV inks? Monomers, oligomers and photo initiators
Just as solvent balance in solvent inks governs print performance, the alkalinity or the amount of alkali present in a water-based ink determines its performance.The amount of alkali present is measured using a pH meter. Descibe the chemical term for pH. pH is a chemical term that is a measure of acidity or alkalinity and is associated with water-based inks.
Radiation-cured inks first appeared in the 1970's. UV and EB systems using such inks, which a re stable and compatible with the environment, are employed to speed operations and reduce solvent emissions. What is meant by stable? UV inks have no solvents or amines to evaporate from the ink.
With all anilox rolls volumetric carrying capacity should be determined by the depth-to-opening ratio to obtain clean ink receptivity and ink release form the anilox cells.What range is recommended optimum depth-to-opening ratio, how is volume measured? 23-33% and volume is measured in billion cubic microns.
In your own words define "process inks". A set of inks for high reproduction illustrations by halftone color separation process, colors are yellow, magenta, cyan with or without a skeleton black.
In your own words explain the difference between solvent and water based inks. The chemistry is very similar but solvent inks do not use water amine to dry the inks, rather they use different blends of solvent.
How do water and solvent based inks dry? Both ink systems dry by admixture of heat and air.
What are the two main types of colorants available to the industry? Pigments and Dyes.
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