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Core Skill D

Key Materials Used On Press (Substrate Applications for Flexo)

In the paper making process why is meant by the term "Free Sheets" and what are they most commonly used for? Papers with no ground wood fibers are known as free sheets and are used for business papers, forms envelopes, and book grades.
There are no obvious distinctions between paper and paperboard. The major difference lies in the caliper. There are two general descriptions for paper course or fine what are some common properties for each? Course are the Kraft papers and fine are the bleached smother papers.
What is meant by the term "Grain Direction"? This is essentially how the fibers lay or align on the wire in the paper making process.
Label stock is very diverse and can include…? Paper, laminates, metallic foils, plastic and synthetic substances.
Corrugated board is a composition made from paperboard components of the liner, which is the outside face and the medium; describe the medium and its primary function. It is the internal structure that gives the board its strength. Alt. shorter fibers, resins are added etc.
Of coated pressure sensitive films, currently 90% of the Facestock films used in packaging decoration are what types? Vinyl, polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene, and polypropylene.
Among the users for metelized foil materials are thermal insulation, labels and decals, capacitors and a variety of decorations. What is the larges single market for metelized materials and why? The flexible packing industry where the shelf appeal and barrier properties are important.
Films represent a large and diverse class in the flexible packaging industry. These clear plastic substrates fall into four classes, what are they? Polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene.
Any discussion of printing an OPP film with flexography has to include both bulk composition, physical properties and surface characteristics. What treatment can be done to the surface of the material to raise the dyne level (surface energy)? Corona high voltage discharge treatment.
Armed with a multitude of resins available, film producers multiply the various possibilities. What is the term used when marrying two to nine layer of polyethylene films together? Coextrusion.
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