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Primary Lesions

Macule Flat lesions of less than 1cm. Different color from skin (brown, red, or white). Ex: freckles, flat moles, or rubella.
Patches Macules are greater than 1cm. May have surface changes (scales or wrinkles). Ex: vitiligo or café au lait spots.
Papules Small, firm, elevated lesions 1cm. Ex: warts or elevated moles.
Plaques Elevated, plateau-like patches 1cm. Do not extend into lower skin layers. Ex: psoriasis or seborrheic keratosis.
Nodules Elevated, marble-like lesions 1cm. wide and deep. Ex: lipomas.
Cysts Nodules filled with liquid or semisolid material that can be expressed. Ex: sebaceous cyst.
Vesicles/Bullae Blisters filled with clear fluid. Vesicles are 1cm. Ex: acute dermatitis. Bullae are 1cm. Ex: second-degree burns.
Pustules Vesicles filled with cloudy or purulent fluid. Ex: acne and acute impetigo.
Wheals Elevated, irregularly shaped areas of dermal edema. Ex: urticarial and insect bites.
Erosions Wider than fissures involve only epidermis and may also have vesicles. Ex: Varicella or diaper rash.
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