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MO Consitution

What year was the current Constitution adopted? 1945
main duties/responsibilities of Govenor Appoints officials, Grant pardons, Approve state spending, Veto bills, Call G.A. to special session, Commander-in-chief of state militia, Chief of the executive branch
main duties/responsibilities of Luitantant Govenor ersiding over senate, decieding on tied votes, serve as governor is something happens to the other
main duties/responsibilities of Secerty of State recording important doucument, publishing laws, issuind driver licices and car lisciens, keeper of the great seal of missouri, acting as election officer
main duties/responsibilities of Attorney Governor providing legal and criminal investigation, providing legal representation for the state, proding officials with legal opinions
main duties/responsibilities of State treasurer managing state funds
main duties/responsibilities of Council Manager System manage all city affairs (City government)
What are the terms for Governor 4 years 2 terms max
What are the terms for Lietuantant Govenor 2 years 4 terms max
What are the terms for State Senetor 4 years 2 terms max
What are the terms for State Rep. 2 years 4 terms max
What are the two parts (houses) of the General Assembly? Senate and House of Reps
The General Assembly has similar power as what federal assembly? Congress
T/F Both House and Senate get paid True
T/F Both House and Senate are elected by the people. True
T/F Both federal and state legislative branches have 2 houses (The Senate & the House of Representatives)? True
T/F Both men and women have served in the Senate and the House of Representative. True
Where does the Missouri General Assembly meet? Capitols Building, Jefferson City
How many members are there in the State House of Representatives? 163
Who is the presiding officer over the State House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
How many members are there in the State Senate? 34
Who is the presiding officer over the State Senate? Luietantant Governor
What is needed from the General Assembly to override a governor’s veto? 2/3 general assembly vote
Where do state impeachment cases begin? House of Reps
Who acts as a jury during cases of impeachment? State Senate
Who has the duty to approve the governor’s appointments? State Senate
What are the requirements to become governor? A citizan of the U.S. for 15 year, a qualified voter and resident of MO for 10, at least 30 years of age
Who is the current governor of Missouri? Jay Nixon
What is the salary of the governor? $133,821
What is the line of succession if the governor cannot continue serving? Lieutenant Governor, president pro tempore, speaker of the house
What is a line item veto? And who has the power to use it? It is for a approproiation or money bill, means the governor can approve some parts of bill while rejecting others
Who is the commander-in-chief of the state militia? Governor
Who can call the General Assembly into special session? Governor
What is the main trial court in the state of Missouri? Supreme Court
What are the duties of Municipal courts? cases involving misdemeanor civil matters
Supreme court is... part of the Judicial Branch, hears appeals from other courts and is the top court in the state of Missouri
When did Missouri become a state? 1821
What is the capital of Missouri? Jefferson City
What is the main duty of each branch of government? Legislative-makes laws Executive-enforces laws Judicial- Intruperts laws
What is home rule? A goverment made by it’s own citizions
What are referendums? a election where the people are asked whether or not they favor a propasl
When are General elections held? November in even-number years
What are Primary elections? a election held before general elections so that on person from each party can represent their party in the general election
T/F Foreign affairs is the federal governments responsibility true
T/F The state of Missouri receives and spends over $23 billion. true
How many counties are there in Missouri? 114
What are special-purpose districts? a district that provides survices to people, most are a single function and jobs.
What are the requirements to be a voter? 18 or older, U.S. citizan, resident of election district for 30 days, registered to vote 21 days before
What are absentee ballots? When a ballot is filled out when a person if not present on election dayt
What is the final step in amending the state Constitution? people vote
an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals. Census
a draft of a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion Bill
a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body. Veto
What are the three levels of MO court system? circut courts, court of appeals, supreme court
How many supreme court justices are there? 7
Age requirements of Governor? 30 years old
Age requirements of House of Reps? 24 years old
Age requirements of Senate? 30 years old
Who is the chief legal officer in MO? Attorney General
Next presidential election? 2016
Who hears appeals from the circuit court? Court of appeals
Created by: Evie1290