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Stack for LA

Prefixes1 and more

extraterrestrial beyond earth
interplanetary among the plants
intraocular in the eye
ultrasound exceding human hearing
introspection inward examining
extracurricular outside of study (school)
interdependent in the midst of relying on another
intravenous into the veins
ultramodernist exceeding current views
introversion inward turning
foretell to prredict
forecast to predict the weather
foreshadow to show what will happen
antedate to make happen early
antechamber the first room in a building
antemortem before death
prearrange to arrage prior to
premature existing before usual time
prejudge to judge prior to
proclaim to anounce
proactive to act in advance
prolong to carry out
postmillenial the millenia after this
postgraduate taking a course after graduation
postoperative ocureing after operation
atropy not nurished
apostrophe turned away... like a letter
heterotroph nutrition from something other, different
autobiography writing about self
autotroph nutrition from one's self
Created by: Greyson