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Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels Book II Chap. 1-2

Now where does Gulliver finds himself? Brobdingnag
How long was Gulliver home before he left for the 2nd voyage? 2 months
What was the name of his ship? The Adventurer
What month did he land on the new island? June 20
In Book I the Lilliputians were how small compared to Gulliver? One-Twelfth [1/12th] of Gulliver's size
Now Gulliver is the midget; how much bigger were the giants? Twelve [12] times bigger than Gulliver
What do the Brobdingnags think of Gulliver? weasel and repulsive vermin
What kind of people are the Brobdingnags? farmers, hardworking people, and giants
Gulliver admires their laws but cannot abide by their ________? vast areas of flesh
What was disgusting about the Brobdingnags? Physical selves; large pores with moles and stray hairs and smelly body odor
What did the farmer almost do to Gulliver in the field? He almost cut down Gulliver while he was cutting down the wheat because he didn't see Gulliver
Who in the Queen's household does not like Gulliver? The Queen's Dwarf
Why does the Dwarf dislike and is jealous of Gulliver? Because now Gulliver has taken the attention of the Queen and she no longer pays as much attention to the Dwarf
Commentary on real life: Why did George I feel isolated and different in England? Because he was of German origin; he wasn't truly English like the Tories preferred
Who was Gulliver sold to? The Queen
What were his eating habits? Lark wings 9 times the size of a turkey
When conversing with the King, Gulliver tells him the English ________? Live in little nests and burrows and call them houses; they love, fight, cheat on, and betray each other
Who is the Queen's Dwarf replaced by? Gulliver
What does the Dwarf do to Gulliver? Dumps in a bowl of cream and puts him in a hollow bone to throw him out
What does the Wasp look like and do? They make Gulliver a little box to live in with furniture; s large wasp the size of a partridge enters to fight Gulliver and Gulliver kills the wasp.
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