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Herbology 6

Regulate Qi

SU ZI JIANG QI TANG Su zi; ban xia; dang gui; gan cao; hou po; qian hu; rou gui; sheng jiang; da zao; zi su ye; chen pi Congested Fluids w/ KI def. Dang gui's FX is to enhance circulation of blood & lubricate Direct Rebellious Qi Down
JIN LING ZI SAN chuan lian zi; yan hu suo LV constraint w/ heat Low Jiao Regulate Qi
TIAN TAI WU YAO SAN wu yao; mu xiang; xiao hui xiang; qing pi; gao liang jiang; bing lang; jin ling zi; ba dou Cold Invading LV channel & Causing Qi stagnation Low Jiao Regulate Qi
JU HE WAN ju he; chuan lian zi; mu xiang; tao ren; yan hu sup; rou gui; mu tong; hou po; zhi shi; hai zao; kun bu; hai dai Cold Dampness Invading the LV channel Milder than Tian Tai Wu Yao Saon Regulate Qi
DING CHUAN TANG Yin Xing (Gingko); ma huang; su zi; gan cao; kuan dong hua; xing ren; sang bai pi; huang qin; ban xia Wind-Cold in the Ext. & Phlegm Heat in Interior Upper Jiao Direct Rebellious Qi Downward Arrest Wheezing Decoction
DING XIANG SHI DI TANG ding xiang; shi di (persimmon calyx); ren shen; sheng jiang Cold fr. Def. of ST Mid Jiao Direct Rebellious Qi Downward Clove & Persimmon Calyx Decoction
JU PI ZHU RU TANG Chen pi; zhu ru; ren shen; sheng jiang; gan cao; da zao ST Def. w/ Heat Mid Jiao Direct Rebellious Qi Downward
XUAN FU DAI ZHE (ZI) TANG xuan fu hua; dai zhe shi; ban xia; sheng jiang; ren shen; zhi gan cao; da zao SP & ST Def. w/ phlegm in Interior Mid Jiao Direct Rebellious Qi Downward
YUE JU WAN Cang zhu(phlegm/damp); chuan xiong (blood); xiang fu (qi); shen zhi zi (heat); shen qu(food) Mildly constrained qi Regulate Qi Escape Restraint Pill
BAN XIA HOU PO TANG Ban xia; hou pu; FU LING; sheng jiang, zi su ye Constrained Qi w/ concurrent phlegm For plum pit qi - Upper Jiao Regulate Qi
GUA LOU XIE BAI BAI JIU TANG Gua lou; xie bai; bai jiu; Unaroused Upper Jiao Yang Upper Jiao Regulate Qi
LIANG FU WAN Gao liang jiang (warms ST & Disperses Cold); xiang fu (reg. qi) LV Qi stagnation & Cold Congealing in ST MID JIAO -Other FX for epigastric & Hypochondriac pain: 1) Xiao Jian Zhong Tang (Minor Construct the Middle Dec.) for Cold fr. Def.; 2) Chai Hu Su Gan San (Bupleurum Powder to Spread the LV) for pain due to pure qi X; 3) Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang for pain due Regulate Qi Galangal & Cyperus Pill
Created by: pititdlo