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CCIE Theory Multcast

CCIE Theory Implementing Multicast

Which two of these statements correctly describe classic PIM-SM? 1 The IOS default is for a last-hop router to trigger a switch to the shortest path tree as soon as a new source is detected on the shared tree. 2 The default behavior can be disabled by setting the value in the IP PIM SPT-threshold command to "infinity"
Which is the default behavior of PIM-SSM. If there are multiple equal-cost paths to the multicast source? it will send the join only to the neighbor with the highest IP address
In PIM-SM what control plane signing must a multicast source perform before it begins to send multicast traffic to a group? No control plane signing needs to be performed, the source can simply begin sending on the local subnet.
Which command is used to enable SSM with the range ip pim ssm default
Which two are differences between IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 reports? 1 IGMPv3 adds the ability to include or exclude source lists 2 Only IGMPv3 reports may contain multiple group state records
In which two scenarios would MSDP be used? 1 Interdomain multicast 2 Anycast RP
What is the value in seconds of the "Max Response Time" in an IGMPv2 report message? 0
Which statement is correct in reference to IPv6 multicast? IPv6 multicast requires MSDP
What is Phantom RP used for? it is used for redundancy in bidirectional PIM
What does the command ip pim send-ip-discovery scope 16 achieve? It makes the router an Auto-RP mapping agent.
Which statement is true of a source that wants to transmit multicast traffic to a group It may transmit multicast traffic to the group at any time
Which of these statements about PIM join messages in classic PIM-SM is correct? PIM join messages are sent every 60 seconds to refresh the upstream router's mroute state for the multicast tree
Which value is used in the PIM type field to indicate a register message? 1
Refer to the exhibit: ip pim ssm range ssm-groups ip access-list standard ssm-groups permit Which is correct? Group will be in SSM mode because of the access-list ssm-groups
Which multicast address is reserved for cisco-rp-announce?
Which two multicast address ranges are assigned as source-specific multicast destination addresses and are reserved for use by source-specific applications and protocols? 1 2 FF3x::/32
Which command is used to enable SSM with the range - ip pim ssm
What does the beginning of a multicast address look like, if it is used for embedded RP? FF7
Refer to the exhibit: shoe ip mfib (, Flags: sw Forwarding: 74326/0/81/0, other: 0/0/0 Ethernet0/1 Flags: A Etherent1/0 Flags: F NS pkts: 23/0 Which statement is correct? Ehthernet1/0 is the outgoing interface list, and Ethernet0/1 is in the incoming interface list
Which command can be used to check the assignment of RPs to multicast groups? show ip pim rp mapping
Which two commands are required to enable multicast on a router, knowing that the receivers only support IGMPv2? 1 ip pim rp-address 2 ip pim sparse-mode
What is the Internet protocol number for all PIM control messages? 103
What three statements are true about Source Specific Multicast? 1 Is best suited for applications that are in the one-to-many category 2 SSM uses shortest path trees only 3 There are no RPs to worry about
Which value is used in the PIM TYPE field to indicate a register-stop message? 2
Which two statements about SA caching are true? 1 Caching allows pacing of MSDP messages 2 Caching reduces join latency
show ip mroute (*, What does the incoming interface of the above(*,G) entry indicate? The interface closest to the RP, according to the unicast routing table.
What value is used in the PIM TYPE field to indicate a join/Prune message? 3
Which three messages types are valid PIMv2 message types? 1 Register 2 Register-stop 3 Join/Prune
Which type of domains is interconnected using Multicast Source Discovery Protocol? PIM-SM
exhibit: show ipv6 mroute (*,FF04::10), 00:00:46/never, RP 2001:DB8:5::5, flags: SPC incoming interface : Gigabitethernet0/0 RPF nbr: FE80::216:47FF:FFBB:FF0 IPv6 multicast configured between R5 and R6. Which two statements are true based on output The multicast group address is FF04::1 0
Which multicast address is reserved fir cisco-rp-discovery?
The ip pim autorp listener command is used to do which of these? allow Auto-RP packets in group and to be flooded in dense mode out interfaces configured with the ip pim sparce-mode command
Which message type is constructed and sent from an MSDP router to its MSDP peers when it receives a PIM register message (knowing that the MSDP router is also configured as an RP for the domain)? Source-Active message
Which IPv6 multicast address is received for use by all PIM routers? FF02::d
In order to configure two routers as anycast RPs, which of these requirements, af a minimum, must be satisfied? Multicast Source Discovery Protocol must be configured between the two anycast RPs
apart from interdomain multicast routing, what else is MSDP used for? Anycast RP
Which RFC number contains the specification for Protocol Independent Multicast sparse mode? 4601
since enabling multicast, the network monitoring tools show periodic spikes in link utilization throughout the network, even in areas where the video application is not being used. What could be a possible cause? PIM dense mode is being used
Which two are differences between IGMpv2 and IGMPv3 reports? 1 IGMPv3 has the ability to include or exclude source lists 2 all IGMPv3 hosts send reports to destination address
Choose two commands that are required to enable multicast on a router, when it is known that the receivers use a specific functionality of IGMPv3? 1 ip pim ssm 2 ip pim sparse-mode
which IGMPv2 message contains a non-zero "Max Response Time"? Membership Query
How is RPF used in multicast routing? to prevent multicast packets from looping and to instruct PIM where to send a (*,G) or (S,G) join message
Which two multicast addresses are reserved for use by ALL-PIM-ROUTES? 1 2 FF02::d
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