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CCIE theory Implement MPLS layer 3 VPNs

Refer to the exhibit: Show run vrf 999 ip vrf 999 rd route-target export 99:99 route-target import 99:99 The RD is a type 1 RD
Which command should be used on a PE router to connect to a CE router( in VRF red telnet /vrf red
Which of the following is true about the MPLS header and its EXP filed size? The MPLS header is 4 bytes and the EXP field is 3 bits long
What is the Cisco IOS command to turn on the explicit null forwarding by LDP? mpls ldp explicit-null
Which command can be used on a PE router to connect to a CE router ( in VRF red? telnet /vrf red
Which two fundamental modifications, related to traffic forwarding, does MPLS introduce? 1 IP destination is reduced to label lookup within the MPLS network 2 For unicast routing labels are assigned to FECs(in other words, IP prefixes)
What are the "bound IP addresses" used for in LDP? These addresses are used to find the label binding to put in the LFIB, by looking up these IP addresses in the routing table
Which statement correctly describes the disabling of IP TTL propagation in an MPLS network? The TTL field of the MPLS label header is set to 255
For which routes does LDP advertise a label binding? only the IGP routes in the routing table
Which three are needed to run VRF lite for IPv6 on a router? 1 VRF definition for IPv6 2 VRF-enabled routing protocol 3 VRF-enabled interface
What does the OSPF command capability VRF-lite achieve? It disables provider edge(PE) specific checks on a router when the OSPF process is associated with the VRF
Which of these statements about penultimate hop popping are true? 1 It enables edge LSR to request a label pop operation from upstream neighbors 2 It's requested through TDP using a special label that is also called implicit-null 3 It's requested through LDP using special label value that is also called implicit-null
A network is composed of several VRFs. Its is required that VRF users VRF_A and VRF_B be able to route to and from VRF_C, which hosts shared services. However, traffic must not be allowed to flow between VRF_A and VRF_B. How can this be accomplished? import and export using route targets
which two of these parameters are used to determine a forwarding equivalence class? 1 IP prefix 2 layer 2 circuit
Multi protocol Label Switching (MPLS)is a data-carrying mechanism that belongs to the family of packet-switched networks. For an MPLS label, if the stack bit is set to 1, which option is true? The label is the last entry in the label stack.
A request arrived on the MPLS-vpn-bgp group. You apply a outbound ACL filter using the appropriate MPLS-EBGP tool access-list 1 deny access-list 1 permit any what happens when you apply this ACL on the MPLS-EBGP connection to BHK? It blocks the routes, only
Which of these tables is used by an LSR to perform a forwarding lookup for a packet destined to an address within an RFC 4364 VPN? LFIB
This is an MPLS VPN network with OSPF as the PE-CE routing protocol. Which statement is correct? The routing inside the VPN RED will work without any special OSPF configuration
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