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Core Skill C

Package Development Workflow

What is FIRST? Process as well as a set of technical specifications.
Who should be involved in the implementation of FIrst, understand and adopt the process outlined? The technical specifications must be meet by the designer, prepress provider, and the printer(s)
To what level of involvement should the consumer products company be involved in the FIRST process? Consumer products buyers and design managers do n to necessarily need to know or direct the technical specifications they must lead and guide the process.
What are some of the key responsibilities of the consumer products company to the Production Team? Design, brief, package structure, consumer research strategy, legal copy, product development, package design and implementation.
What is a "Concept Proof"? Proof that at the customer agrees to as the job to be matched on press.
True or False? The FIRST packaging workflow involves few meetings and minimal interaction with various departments? False.
Looking at the FIRST packaging time table, what is stye duration of time allotted for the printing and converting process? Three Weeks.
What is the purpose of pre-production meeting? The purpose of this meeting is to review all information relating to the digital art production of the package prior to the execution of any mechanical production.
What does FIRST stand for? F lexographic I mage R eproduction S pecifications T olerances
When the designer pre-flights he/she create to res proofs, final art, mechanicals and files for production. When the separator pre-flights they do what? Puts all design material into a production format.
Created by: bhsgraphics