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Stack #1502603

Unit 2

Computer An electronic device that processes data.
Personal Computer (PC) Used by one person at a time.
Central Processing Unit (CPU) Is a small chip that performs calculations and carries out all the instructions you give to your computer.
Bit Smallest unit of information
Byte Eight bits, the building block for all information that flow through a computer.
Hardware The collection of physical devices that make up your computer system.
Input When a user enters information into a computer
Output When a computer delivers information back to a user.
Random-Access Memory (RAM) The temporary information that a computer uses only when it works with a particular file.
Read-Only Memory (ROM) the permanent information on your hard drive.
Storage Device IS like your long term memory, where you keep memories of important events.
Software IS a set of instructions that makes it possible for your computer to perform tasks.
Operating System (OS) Is the main program that makes your computer work.
Network Is a group of computers connected together.
Drive Is the largest storage are.
Folder Is a place to save and organize files, such as documents or pictures.
File Is a collection of data.
Save As Lets you rename a file and, at the same time, copy the file by saving it to a new location.
Shortcut Is an icon that is direct link to a file or a folder.
Keyword Is a word keyed into search box that matches the topic you are looking for.
Content Search Look for information form a list of categories and topics.
Keyword Search Key one or more words keywords. The search include all of the topics in which the keywords appear.
Created by: Zee Wright