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UTC - Chattanooga


his tomb raided after Iturbide's victory in War of Independence ; sponsored by Charles V Hernando Cortes
Stonewall Jackson trapped Dixon Miles's troops at this place during Antietam ; located at confluence of Shenandoah and Potomac rivers ; raided on October 16, 1859 Harper's Ferry
indole-3-acetic acid (discovered by Darwin) is this type of plant hormone auxin
was Assistant Attorney General under Reagan ; defeated David Dinkins to become Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani
compiled from lectures at Lowell Institute and Columbia University Pragmatism
its first president was William Bouncker ; chartered in 1662 ; began with meetings at Gresham College Royal Society
invasion of Japanese home islands Operation Coronet
wrote The Fortunate Pilgrim ; Dark Arena Mario Puzo
worked with Robert Rauschenberg ; portrayed objects as "seen, but not looked at" ; made Painted Bronze Jasper Johns
was The Marchioness of Pembroke Anne Boleyn
Louise Brown was conceived in 1979 through this In Vitro fertilization
wrote History of New England Witchcraft Cotton Mather
wrote autobiographical essay Cassandra ; "The Lady of the Lamp" Florence Nightingale
described by Lucan in Lover of Lies ; created in 450 B.C. Diskobolos
Otto IV of Germany was defeated in 1214 at this battle Bouvines
created a monumental war memorial for slain soldiers at Targu Jui ; sculpted Table of Silence ; Lover's Kiss Brancusi
mother was Cyprus ; father was Antipater ; his patron was Marc Antony ; built the port of Caesaria and the Masada ; burned alive Judas and Matthias Herod the Great
designed by Joshua Humphries; built in Edmund hartt's Boston shipyard ; was Preble's flagship in Barbary Wars ; captained by Charles Stewart, Bainbridge, and Isaac Hull during War of 1812 ; U.S.S. Constitution
was defeated at the Battle of Tondibi ; capital was Gao on Niger River ; reached its peak under Askia Muhammad and expanded under Sunni Ali; conquered Jenne and Timbuktu Songhai
discovered independently by Peter Debye; explained the increase in wavelength of X rays scattered by electrons Compton effect
wrote The Angry Wife ; The Hidden Flower ; The Child Who Never Grew Up ; East Wind, West Wind Pearl Buck
instituted with Leviticus 23:26 ; begins with the Kolnidre and ends with the blowing of the tekia gedolah Yom Kippur
discovered by Carl Anderson positron
was military commander at the Battle of Mollwitz ; won battles at Rossbach, Leuthen, and Zorndorf Frederick the Great
located near Toompea in the Harjumaa region ; includes Rocc al Mare and Kadriorg ; captured by Danes in 1219 Estonia
first work was Flore Francaise ; participated in Seven Years War ; one of his opponents was Georges Buffon Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck
tutored by Camille Pissaro Gauguin
helped draft the UN Charter ; was American Ambassador to the Treaty of San Francisco ; developed conflict with Anthony Eden John Foster Dulles
son of Apollo who was killed by Heracles using a stool ; was a lyrist Linus
worked for Alfred Binet Piaget
worked with producer Hal Prince ; created Merrily We Roll Along ; Company ; Into the Woods ; Sweeney Todd ; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Stephen Sondheim
the Second Opium War was attempted to be settled by this Treaty of Tientsin
its currency is the Kwanza Angola
fought with Olikut and Looking Glass ; forced by General Oliver Howard to retreat ; "The Red Napoleon" Chief Joseph
influenced by Montesquieu and David Hume Edward Gibbon
given safe refuge by Artaxerxes ; his political rival was Aristides ; ostracized in 471 B.C. ; created walls to the Piraeus Themistocles
begun in 1957 and finished in 1972 ; built on Bennelong Point; first performance there was Prokofiev's War and Peace Sydney Opera House
Created by: krazydragon