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CCIE Theory IPv6

CCIETheory impliment IPv6

Which OSPF LSA types are new in OSPF version 3? 1 Link 2 Intra-area prefix
Which command will define a VRF with name CCIE in IPv6 vrf definition CCIE
Which two are IPv6 neighbor discovery packets? 1 neighbor solicitation 2 Router advertisement
Though many options are supported in EIGRP v6, select two options from the below list that are supported 1 per-interface configuration 2 prefix-list support via distribute-list
Which information is carried in an OSPFv3 intra-area-prefix LSA? IPv6 prefixes
Which two tunneling techniques in IPv6 do not require an IPv4 tunnel destination in the configuration? 1 6to4 2 ISATAP
Which command can be used to filter a RIPv6 route from getting installed in the routing table? IPv6 router rip ccie distribute-list
What is the correct command to set the router ID for an OSPFv3 process? router-id
What is the RP for IPv6 multicast address FF76:0130:2001:db8:3811::2323 2001:db8:3811::1
Which three fields are optional in an OSPFv3 external LSA? 1 Forward Address 2 External Route 3 Reference Link-State ID
What mechanism does OSPFv3 use when the router LSA is too big to be sent out? It splits the LSA into smaller router LSA packets
Which IPv6 address would you ping to determine if OSPFv3 is able to send and receive unicast packets across a link? Link-local address
Which three causes will prevent a host from getting an IPv6 address with stateless autoconfiguration? 1 IPv6 unicast routing is not enabled on the router interface 2 The router interface is configured with a /63 mask 3 The router interface is configured with a /65 mask
Which two are considered valid router IDs for EIGRPv6? 1 2
You have just configured R5 and R6 to run EIGRPv6 as shown; the IPv6 ping from R5 to R6-loopback 0 is failing. Which statement could be the reason? You need to configure the EIGRPv6 router process on both routers.
How will EIGRPv6 react if there is an IPv6 subnet mask mismatch between the Global Unicast addresses on a point-to-point link? EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship
On a router, interface S0 is running EIGRPv6, and interface S1 is running OSPFv3. A redistribution command is issued under OSPFv3, redistribute EIGRP 1 metric 20 under IPv6 router ospf 1 . What will happen after applying this redistribution command? All routes showing up as D and D ex in the routing table will be redistributed into OSPFv3
Which two tunnel techniques support IPv6 multicasting? 1 6 to 4 2 GRE
what is the first thing that happens when IPv6 is enabled on an interface on a host? There is a duplicate address detection on the host interface.
In order to maintain security, with which hop count are IPv6 neighbor discovery packets sent? 255
Which address needs to be present on an interface for OSPFv3 to form an adjacency? Link local
During the IPv6 address resolution, a node sends a neighbor solicitation message in order to discover which of these? The layer 2 address of the destination node based on the destination IPv6 address
You are using IPv6, and would like to configure EIGRPv6. Which three correctly describes how you can perform this configuration? 1 EIGRPv6 is directly configured on the I/F over which it runs 2 There is no network statement configuration in EIGRP for IPv6 3 When a user uses a passive-I/f configuration, EIGRP for IPv6 does not need to be configured on the I/f that is made passive
IPv6 is the next-generation Internet layer protocol for packet-switched internetworks and the Internet. IPv6 router solicitation is: A request made by a node for the IP address of the local router
From which IPv6 address are EIGRPv6 hello messages sourced? Link Local
Which is the flooded scope of an OSFPv3 LSA, if the value of the S2 bit is set to 1 and S1 bit set to )? AS wide
Which two IPv6 address pairs can be assigned on a point-to-point link with a /125 mask? 1 2001:DB8::1 and 2001:DB8::2 2 2001:DB8::10 and 2001:DB8::17
What does a unicast prefix-based IPv6 multicast address start with? FF3
In which way can the IPv6 address of 2031:0000:130F:0000:0000:09C0:876A:130B be expressed most efficiently? 2031:0:130F::9c0:876A:130B
Which of these statements best describes the major difference between an IPv4-compatible tunnel and a 6to4 tunnel? An IPv4-compatibile tunnel is typically used only between two IPv6 domains, but a 6to4 tunnel is used to connect two more IPv6 domains
How does an IPv6 router deal with a packet that is larger than the outgoing interface MTU? It will drop the packet and send an ICMPv6 message "Packet too big" back to the source.
You are using IPv6, and would like to configure EIGRPv6. Which three of these correctly describes how you can perform this configuration? 1 EIGRPv6 is directly configured in the interface over which it runs 2 There is no network statement configuration in EIGRPv6 3 When a user uses a passive-I/F configuration, EIGRPv6 does not need to be configured on the interface that is made passive.
Which two of these steps are minimum requirements to configure OSPFv3 under IPv6? 1 Configure OSPF on the interface that it will run on 2 Enable routing
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